Your checklist before and after you are moving

You can benefit from our moving advice and moving tips. You can take a printout of this page as well as carry it prior to moving or days after you have moved. Obvious seeming moving tips can simply be over-looked. You can take the moving advice of ours and make use of this checklist prior and after you move.

Take Notes

Note down the shipment registration number of yours and save it in case you require calling your move for questioning about your shipment.

Get bed items ready

Allot a drawer of your dresser for towels and sheets so that one doesn’t have to search through boxes for important items on the first night in their new house.

Remember the Fridge

After the inside of your fridge has been thoroughly cleaned as well as dried, put a handful of baking soda, charcoal, or fresh coffee in nylon or socks stocking and put it in the refrigerator for keeping its interiors smelling great.

Maintain the phone book

The current phone book of yours must be taken along with you. One may require making calls to businesses or residents back in their former hometown.

Pack Light-Pack Heavy

The heavy items must be packed in small boxes and the lighter ones in large boxes.

Give you Number

Prior to the van foreman leaving for the designated residence of yours, provide him your phone number so that you can be contacted any time. It’s also a great idea to offer him with some alternate contact number in case your number is not reachable.

Save your memories

If the thing is irreplaceable, you must take it along with you in your car. In case one decides to pack framed art or photos, place blankets or sheets in-between them so as to give extra safety.

Learn how one can pack records and plates

Record albums and plates need to be packed on the vertical end instead of placing them stacked and flat.

Remember bare necessities

Toiletries, coffee, toilet paper, soap, telephone, screwdriver, flashlight, snacks, can opener, pliers, utensils, paper towels, cleaning supplies, couple of pans, cups, and paper plates are a few of the important items that one may require when they arrive at their new house. A box must be packed with these essential items and ask the van foreman for loading them last so that one can unload them first.

Unscrew bulbs

Prior to packing the lamps, remove the bulbs.

Tag the items

For the garage sale, all items must be tagged and be ready for wheeling and dealing. The garage sale gurus appreciate haggling.

Give the children some exercise

Ask kids to write their names as well as new address on all cartoons from their rooms in order to be familiar with the new town and street.

Assist your pet in relaxing

The pet must be kept calm as well as away from the activities on your moving day by asking some friend to keep them in their home.

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