What You Should Know About Floor Screed

What is a Floor Screed?

Floor screeds are made out of cement and sharp sand with typically a 1:3 or 1:4.5 ratios. They are used a finishing outer-layer on precast concrete floors or a solid in-situ concrete floor slabs.

So, if you don’t want to lay down your decorative finish on that lumpy sub-floor, floor screed is what you need.

Screed is a key to durable and quality flooring. It is used to make the floor surface smooth and even. The product can also be used to develop a pathway to route services or to enclose heating elements.

However, applying a screed onto a concrete structure isn’t just about mixing the cement and sand in the right proportion. There are a lot of things that need to be considered.

There are a few fundamental things that need to be considered in the design of a concrete floor screed including bonding, strength and moisture-control. The thickness of the screed is also a critical factor in determining its versatility for various applications.

What is Ready Mix Screed Concrete?

As its name suggest, concrete mix is prepared in a central batch plant of a supplier company to best fit the specifications of a floor screed, and then transported to the job site by the supplier in the most effective manner.

Today, most of the top-notch concrete suppliers companies provide their customers with ready mix screed concrete that is suitable for a host of construction projects. These companies also offer specially designed screeds to best suit their clients’ respective projects.

Also known as ready to lay screeds, ready mix screeds are mainly designed to ensure high durability and top-quality floor level-ling solution that suit an extensive range of commercial and domestic applications.

Pre-mixed screed concrete London is available in many different forms including fibre-reinforced screeds, heavy duty screeds, tile-bedding screeds, and conventional screeds. Remember, ready-mixed screed concrete you order must comply with the relevant British standards.

Ready mixed screeds save your time and fasten the overall work it has been ordered for. The techniques involved in designing ready-mixed screeds are proved to be environmentally-responsible. So, opting for ready to lay screeds is opting for green structures or green surfaces and contributing to a better environment! And interesting, they also help you reduce on labour cost and storage space.

Why Look for an Experienced Concrete Products Supplier Company?

While it’s a fact that screeds that are factory-mixed and delivered by the concrete specialists directly on the job site assure additional quality over on-site mixed screeds and deliver a more consistent product, but you simply can’t choose any amateur concrete product and services provider.

If you want to ensure the finest quality of ready mix screed that result into durable structure and perfect finish, look around for the concrete company with ample years of experience and unmatched expertise in the niche. Another important criterion to select the right company supplying ready mix screed is the location of their plant or factory. They should be local to your territory.

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