What makes the ultimate console gaming room?

DSC00052You Need A Place To Call Your Own

Finally! You got your hands on that cellar room you were ogling for  a while now. With a few tweaks here and there you can create the ultimate gaming experience of your life. But, before you do that, find out what you need and what you already have. To create a gaming fort of your dreams you will need a few things, and while you are at it, go big or go home.

A big spacious room is a gamer’s must. Especially if you want to own multiple platforms to play on, they need some space and a good ventilation for all your little buddies is important.

What You See Is What You Get

First, you need to purchase a high-definition TV. The rule is – the bigger the better! Buying a LG Electronics 60″ LA7400 Full HD 1080p Cinema 3D Smart LED TV means that you can hook up any console or PC and enjoy pristine crystal clear games as they were meant to be. Yes, a bigger TV would be a more logical choice, however, buying this one would mean that with special glasses that come with it, bought separately, you can enjoy split screen with your friends. No more cheating as the glasses only allow you to see your side.

Power Of The Gods

To make your lair fully operational, and to have the option to have everything plugged in without running the risk of frying everything in your home, a Monster Power HTS 1000 MKIII Home Theater PowerCenter is the best of the best. This Monster can withstand monster loads. Never again worry about whether you have enough outlet space, also, protect your devices against electrical surges with the mighty power of a monster.

Have No Fear To Store

If you are planning on recording your games, and even sharing them with your friends, you will need a massive storage device. There are a number of personal storage systems from which you can choose from, and do not be stingy, that few extra that you did not want to spend could mean a good quality video.

Having enough space means that you do not have to give up your old favorites in order to get a new one. With enough space you can save all your progress on all your games that you have ever played, without the fear of losing anything. Remember, backing up regularly will save your data.

Decoration Is Part Of Your Room

Make sure to buy some comfortable furniture since your game room will be your new headquarters. Couches, sofas, or simply a lazy bag is always a good choice. Just make sure that is comfy and easy to maintain. Small tables for coffee and beverages are also a necessity since you and your friend will be spending a lot of time in your new gadget room.

You bought all the necessities and even got those chairs you always dreamed of having when you were a small kid. Now it is time to decorate. Be vary that you will have a lot of cables running around, make sure to lay them down nicely and without creating a mess. A clean room means the gamer is good too.

For endless entertainment, there is always a pinball machine. It’s a “must have” when it comes to your new gaming room. You can also include a table game like a pool table or a ping pong That way, when the TV is being used by others you can entertain yourself.

Try not to cram everything into one place, give your consoles enough space to breed and create a cozy little environment for each one, to ensure maximum tranquility while playing. Everything has a place, so make sure to use that be part of the residential builders.

These are just some of the ideas for your new entertainment room. You can leave space for your imagination and interesting ways to decorate. Lamps, carpets, lively colors – anything that can improve your mood after a long day at work. We all need some space to have fun so ultimate gaming room is simply a must have.



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