Ways to Make a Small Space Look Larger

small_bedroom_decoratingObviously, we would all love to have large and spacious flats and houses that have enough light and perfectly designed interiors. However, it is not impossible to make just a perfect living space with the flat that is not the biggest one in the building. However, in order to do that, you need a perfect and careful design. Here are some of the ideas that will definitely help you making your space visually larger and bigger.

Bright Colors

Colors are the key element in making your space more appealing to the eye. You can use them to make the space appear smaller and darker, respectively. Bright colors and a lot of light will help you great deal in opening up your space and making it look way bigger than it really is. Also, those bright colors should not be too aggressive and they should definitely match the colors of your furniture, or at least, be compatible with them. Overly intensive colors and too much contrast will cause for too much to be ‘going on’ and your flat will feel cramped.

Multipurpose Furniture

The most important problems in your small place are where to store all the things you have and where to put all the furniture. Therefore, you will need to be smart and think of the way to make your furniture do more than it has been originally designed to do. For example, install shelves and drawers anywhere you can: under the bed, below the desk, coffee table, or even in the sides of the armchairs. Also, make sure that your furniture is out of the way, allowing you to move freely around the flat. Bumping into the furniture will make the feeling of being in the cramped and cluttered space.

So, maximize the utilization of space in small rooms by buying furniture that has many uses. Ottomans with built in storage can be used to hide away books and blankets in the living room. Beds with storage space below them are ideal for small bedrooms. Some more radical space-saving furniture designs available include comfy stools with built-in magazine storage, circular tables with pigeonholes to store bottles etc.

Clearing the Space

Besides moving the furniture away from the pathways in your home, you also need to reconsider all the details you have on your shelves, on your tables, desks and other visible places. Having too many of those details and keeping them disorganized will make your flat look like a cluttered storage place. Therefore, think long and hard about what you really need and what you can get rid of. All unnecessary things and details should be out of sight.

Perfectly Arranged Lights

Regardless of what you do with your apartments, if it is too dark and the light is poorly organized, your apartment will not even look good and it will definitely look small. First thing is the natural light that should be present as much as possible. This means getting rid of all the curtains and heavy draperies. As for the artificial light, one of the ideas is to lamps or peripheral light fixtures in lines that will visually lengthen that wall of your apartment. They don’t have to be too bright or too big. You may even consider recessed lights that visually draw a line that emphasizes the length of your room, making it look far larger and more spacious.

Light Wall Paints

The lighter the paints and stains on your walls, the more light can bounce off them and make the rooms appear to be more open and spacious than it is. In contrast, dark colors will make the room appear cramped. Stick to colors like whites and pale creams, greens, blues, yellows and grays.

Use Mirrors

The easiest way to create an illusion of space is by installing large wall mirrors to reflect light. They needn’t be wall-to-wall. Simply find a large mirror that fits a blank wall or corner. You can find mirrors on a budget at garage sales and flea markets if you’re on a budget. It also helps to use glass in furniture – Lucite coffee tables, transparent chairs and light, woven furniture can help to create an airy ambiance.

Space out Your Furniture

It may seem that the way to make a room appear larger is to push back your furniture against the walls and free up as much space in the center as possible. But this can often be counter-productive and emphasize the limited space in the room. Instead, give your furniture some room to breathe. Keep a unique chair or table at an angle – it can often look better that way. Refrain from crowding too many pieces of furniture around, and keep it simple. Also, make clever use of area rugs at the center in colors close to the color of your floor, to create an illusion of more floor space.

In addition to these things, you can also make sure that your furniture is not too big and that the largest pieces are placed against the wall, so that they don’t cramp up the place. Once you are done with the key elements, use these little tricks and make your luxury home today.



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