Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When Travelling

Many people love to travel as soon as they get vacations. But at the same time, they worry about the thieves visiting their house. How to keep safe for the home? Of course, the key point for you is that you should choose good locks. Melody Home finds out that most of the burglars break into the house by prying the doors, for the lock of the door is too simple or the door quality does not reach the standard.

Cautiously choose the door lock
Many families use the crucifix lock, selenodont lock or AB lock. For these kinds of locks, the skilled thieves can open it in 30 seconds. For the standard lock, it should have the protection of at least 3mm thick steel plate. In the level of A, B and super B, the protection technology for super B have to use at least 180 minutes to open it, which the pellet frame is double leaves plus V shape side column lock. If you open it by strong twisting tools, the inner frame would break.

The firmness of the door
Some security door cannot stand the pounding, which do not have the ability to protect the home. The steel plate for the home security door should more than 2mm and the thickness should be more than 20mm and the weight at least has 40kg can be counted as good door. At the same time, it should not have the shortness of weld.

Install the window lock
Many people do not have the concept of installing window locks. However, window is the best place for burglars to break in. if your window is not closed tightly or the quality is not good for the burglar mesh, your house is in danger. The best way to prevent this is to install burglar mesh, but must be the qualified ones. Normally, the stainless steel burglar mesh adopts the 304 stainless steel and with the sign on the surface. Besides, the gaps should be in the range of 9 to 10.5cm. Otherwise, the hands can get in. at last, the thickness should be 0.6 to 0.8mm so that it can keep good stress resistance.

Turn off the water rout and power master switch
If you do not turn off the tap or the water pipe happen leakage, your home may be flooded by the water and cause unnecessary lost. Therefore, you have to check every tap before leaving. So is the power switch. Especial in autumn climate, the electric appliance frequently cause fire disasters. And the housing is easy to cause fire disaster by electrical short circuits or wire aging. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check all the easy to cause disasters articles for the sake of everybody. Click here to learn more.

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