Wallpaper Introduction – Beautify Your Home Wall

Convenient to paste and unique decoration effect makes wallpaper popular choice for young people. Customer can select wallpaper according to interior design style or the overall consideration of wallpaper material, room size, function and orientation.

Tacks for choosing wallpaper

1 Wall is the largest area using decoration material in our home, therefore home owner should have overall consideration when selecting wallpaper. The pattern, color of wallpaper may be nice, but the final effect may not as good as you think or it do not match with the style of room and furniture. Therefore, we should choose wallpaper carefully – determine the preferred style; then choose wallpaper from color, pattern and properties, try to follow the rule of choose wallpaper according to room owner’s preference and the function of room. Generally speaking, the pattern and color of wallpaper should be varied for different room. Try to choose wallpaper in matt color. Color atla can help a lot when you choose wallpaper.

2 whether the wallpaper is easy to clean is another key point for selecting wallpaper. Anti-dust deposition performance and water proof of wallpaper are determinant to whether it is easy to clean. Good water proof means home owner can wipe the stain on wallpaper directly with wet rag.

3 environmental protection performance also should be included when selecting wallpaper. Wallpaper made of natural fiber or pure paper is safe to use. The content of hazardous substance satisfies the standard of authorized department. The adhesive and paint used for pasting wallpaper has influence on its environmental protection performance too. It is better to be water based.

4 wallpaper suit to use on the interior wall of house. Usually ceiling is not considered when pasting wallpaper for it is difficult to apply wallpaper on ceiling and the pattern, color of wallpaper is easy to cause depressive mood.

Classification of wallpaper

Wallpaper is divided into pure paper, PVC and non-woven fabric.

Pure paper wallpaper: it is made from natural material like grass, bark etc. Pure paper wallpaper has high environmental protection performance. Some pure paper wallpaper has poor water proof performance. They cannot wash by water. Natural strengthen wood pulp wallpaper has better quality in pure paper serious wallpaper. It is made by adding wood fiber in high quality wood pulp. Its strength is better than common pure paper wallpaper. It also has the feature of water proof, antistatic, dust collection resistance.

PVC compound wallpaper: it is made by pressing PVC top layer and backing paper with adhesive. PVC compound wallpaper is consisted of two layers – top layer and backing paper. The thicker the backing paper is, the better the hardness of the wallpaper is. Wallpaper with thicker backing paper is not easy to warp and have other problem relatively.

Non-woven fabric wallpaper: it is also called non-woven paper wallpaper. It is made from natural cotton and linen fiber in non-woven way. According the content of fiber, it is divided into two categories: fiber content lower than 16% is called non-woven paper; fiber content higher than 16% is called non-woven fabric. The fiber used in non-woven fabric wallpaper is mainly chemical fiber: Dacron, nylon, acrylic fibers, polyvinyl chloride fiber etc or natural plant fiber like cotton, hemp etc. Chemical fiber is molding by heating, melt extrusion and rolling pattern. Natural plant fiber is molding by non-woven. Non-woven fabric wallpaper is called breathable wallpaper.

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