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Even though they are small, bathrooms can be the most difficult to design and decorate. You might have a million ideas about how you want your bathroom to look but you cannot decide which to opt for. We recommend the vintage style, for it is an everlasting bathroom design. Furthermore, there are plenty of ways for you to modify the décor and make various changes whenever you think of some new embellishment to add.

Vintage Bathroom Design by

Wood flooring was the popular and one of the earliest choices for bathroom flooring. The best option is a highly polished wood, because it will not be difficult to clean it. If you are not that fond of wood, a marble-print tile is the great choice for your bathroom. Considering a real marble is usually rather expensive, this would be the perfect alternative. Furthermore, hexagonal tiles in bright colours is another possibility when it comes to bathroom flooring.


One of the colour choices for an ultimate vintage ambiance is ivory or a pure white shade. Towels, bath maths, shower curtains, and all of the accessories should be either black, white, grey or some other neutral shade. This colour will give your bathroom a clean and flawless look.

Another option you could choose is to use complementary colours to the existing ones in your bathroom. Just like on the colour wheel, the colour opposite to the one you have is its complementary colour. This is the great option for those who love dynamic space.

Vintage Bathroom Design by final choice for a vintage-inspired bathroom could be the warm yellow shade. A deep rich shade of yellow would make a small bathroom look really elegant. If you are aiming for more sophisticated look, a deep gold shade is the perfect choice. Finally, for a little earthier feeling, yellow ochre, mustard, or saffron shade are the best choice.


Nothing says vintage the way a claw-foot tub does. With its classic design, it will give your bathroom a perfect retro look. Furthermore, a pedestal sink is inevitable piece of plumbing fixture in the vintage bathroom, and it is the best alternative to a vanity unity. Bronze-coloured towel rails and taps will give your bathroom an additional vintage touch. If you are not that handy in installing the plumbing fixtures plumber Sydney will be of great help. Feel free to turn to them when any plumbing problem occurs.

When it comes to light fixtures a wall sconce will be the perfect illumination in the vanity area. If you want to give your bathroom a special charm, vintage bath lighting sconces are the best choice. Ceiling lights, and recessed lighting fixtures are also an option to consider, aside from wall sconce. The best way to reduce shadows and provide as much light in the bathroom as possible is to combine different lighting fixtures. Vintage Bathroom Design by


Adding a vintage bathroom furniture is the key to achieving this desired design. You could try to turn a vintage dresser into bathroom vanity. Additionally, vintage chairs are perfect for displaying towels and it will look very retro in a modern bathroom. Furthermore, a vintage ladder can also serve as a towel rack and it will be a unique piece of bathroom furniture. Finally, forget about cabinets, and store your products on polished wood or marble shelves.

When you feel the need for changing your bathroom style but you are not sure which style to go for, choose the vintage design. You can never go wrong with vintage, for it is timeless and easiest to modify, considering there is always some old-fashion piece of furniture in your home. Incorporate some of these ideas into your bathroom design and you will have the ultimate vintage relaxation place in your home.


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