Tips for installing hydraulic elevator for your home

Hydraulic elevators are the best and cheapest option for home elevators. During the emergency these elevators can be very safe for their inbuilt features. Fire and earthquakes can be such emergency that can be tackled by this type of elevators. In case of new homes, the owners may plan to provide the space for elevators. This can be very easy as you can pick any model or size and then cut space accordingly. But in case of an old house space can be a major constraint. You need to do some market research to find which is the best model that can fit within the given space.

Hydraulic Elevator
When we talk about the tips for installing hydraulic elevator for your home, the following are few:

Pit and landing

Digging a pit is the major step in installing the hydraulic elevator. It is dug a few feet below the ground level according to the model. The foundation has to be cut and the pit will lie below the foundation level. Besides, there is also a hole provided for the inserting the piston cylinder. Only if these two are properly reinforced can the landings for the elevators be assembled without any difficulty.

Assembling of the landing

Landings are usually made by piercing holes onto the walls at places where the elevators will stop. It is very important to note here that the place where installation work is carried out must be barricaded. The pit and the scattered equipment may be dangerous if children are allowed to prowl around. SO, ensure complete safety during the installation process.

Hoist way

The building of hoist way can be done in two ways. One is to build it in another site and then assemble them at the home site. Another method is to do the building of the hoist way right in the home. This can give better perfection and is also time saving. Once the hoist way is built, then the other parts like piston, cylinder, and pump and so on can be easily installed. Pump can be even placed in separate room and then attached to the piston. In some cases the pump is fixed into the pit itself which is doe in houses where space can be a constraint.

Elevator car

After the building up of hoist way then fixing the pump and piston and cylinder then comes the elevator car. You must now hook the hydraulic power and properly secure the elevator car in its precise space. Power supply must be properly done and checked. Hydraulic oil acts as a major lubricant for smooth running of the elevator. This has to be added to the fluid tank. Piping needs to be done to avoid friction between the elevator jack and the power supply unit.

Door opening

You must ensure safety aspects from all angles. Self-closing doors emergency lights and smoke detectors are few of the accessories that can ensure better safety in elevators. The opening for the doors requires precise measurement and only a good contractor can do this at ease. Make sure that all the parameters are considered before fixing the door openings.


Power supply depends upon the model. Some requires at the top shaft while others need it at the lower floors. So check this with the models and then make proper arrangement for the same. Power supply is extremely important and also makes arrangement for an alternate supply like generator in case of power failure.


It is essential to make your family prepare for the working of the elevators. Safety and other features must be explained to the members.

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