Tips for Choosing Panel Bed and Airbed

Panel bed:

Panel bed is made of artificial board and connected by hardware. It is convenient to dismount, transport and install and has simple style. It will not deform, crack and has medium price. It is the most common bed on market. As panel bed is connected by hardware, it will have noise when the bed is not connecting firmly. The environmental protection performance of panel bed is poor. For example, when manufacturer has chipboard as material to produce bed and the veneering do not treat properly, it will release formaldehyde.

How to choose panel bed:

1. The quality and environmental protection performance: panel bed is made of artificial board, including high density fiber board, medium density fiber board, and chipboard. High density fiber board has the highest hardness. It is not easy to crack and has good moisture resistance. But it is also expensive. Medium density fiber board comes second. Chipboard has poor moisture resistance and cheap price. Environmental protection performance is one of the key factors that cannot be ignored. At present, the environmental protection rate has 6 grades from E0 to E5. International environmental protection rate is E1. Product is qualified when reach E2.

2. Pay attention to the paint film of bed: bed can get beautiful color after paint. The quality of paint is an essential standard for examining the quality of craftsmanship for a bed. There are matted paint and high gloss paint for bed. Matted paint has good wear resistance. High gloss paint has smooth luster. Although it has poorer wear resistance than matted paint, the bright color make people feel comfortable and high gloss paint is easy to clean.

3. Bed skeleton: pull the skeleton to test its elasticity and stand on it to test its load bearing capacity. The thickness and number of skeleton is another thing customer should pay attention to. The number of skeletons range from 18 to 26.

4. Pay attention to the quality of cut and metal parts: pay attention to the quality of cut, edge decoration and panel port. Metal parts should flexible, smooth, have good surface coating treatment. There should be no rust, glitch. The precision requirement for fittings is high.


Airbed occupies little space, is convenient to bring. It is comfort to sleep on it and can allay tiredness quickly. The application range of airbed is wide: office, camp, swim, travel etc. But airbed has poor breathability, because it is made of PVC material. People often sleep on airbed without cushion has high risk of rheumatism. Airbed may affect the growth and skeleton development of kids. Airbed may leak air or become soft for high temperature. In summary, airbed suit to use in some special situation. It will do harm to people’s health when sleep on it in long time.

How to choose airbed:

1.    Check whether the seam on airbed is obvious.

2.    The thickness of airbed should be uniform, flat. It is not easy to turn over when place vertically.

3.    Sleep on it: the lining material of high quality airbed will not move when sleep on it. It should be flat. Sleep on the bed in different posture to feel the supporting strength of back and waist.

4.    The size of airbed: the best size for airbed is to add 20 cm on your height.
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