The Rug Road to Heaven

The overall look of your interior relies greatly on the selection of a perfect rug. The perfect rug is not some immaculate, imaginary item. It’s a furnishing addition that fits into your living or working place like a correct piece of puzzle. It can be a modest yet effective accessory to your living space, or a veritable superstar of your room. On the other hand, it can mar the general impression of the room, or be ill-suited for the chosen space. We won’t let that happen to you, so make yourself comfortable and check out this guide.

Organization and size – traditional and loose

What you should definitely consider first when carpets are in question is the floor arrangement. These are some of the most encountered formations: Traditional layout with a couple of single-seaters positioned at the room’s edge; Pick larger carpet that would reach under the front edge of the seaters, or Loose layout which has furniture elements nearing the center of the room. Make sure to get the carpet big enough to fit under all four legs of each item.

Spectacular-Coffered-Ceiling-Design-ideas-for-exquisite-Living-Room-Industrial-design-ideas-with-animal-hide-rug-bird-chair-black-beams-black-crown-molding-black-trimOrganization and size – eatery and bedroom

Dining and bedroom layouts are the household regulars. Dining room layout must ensure the coverage of the whole dining table surface plus 2ft extra. The standard table width is around 36”. Bedchamber layout has a rug that optimally takes up the two thirds of the lower part of the bed. You can also interchange it with smaller narrow pieces at the side or at the bed bottom.


This is the point where you can make it or break it. If your room abounds in tints or various designs, you may want to go with the monochromatic rug. The color should be either universal or balanced with the other shades of the interior. If your heart aches for the heavily color-jumbled carpet, it’s simpler to obtain it before getting other pieces, and work around that. A carpet can be a noticeable hit or a miss as it is the largest furnishing item of your home. Compare it against the hues of the walls and flooring, along with the baldly dyed objects. However, an outlook that is too matchy can be rather uneventful. Splash it with some daring tone!


If most of your furniture is in neutrals, push the envelope by choosing some funky design. The selection of rugs online is extraordinary. Coordinate the subordinate tone on your rug with the main pieces in the room. The modern patterns are mostly characterized by color blocking, and they are somewhat easier to attune with the rest of the elements. Persian and oriental rugs can be a bump on the road as their complex ornaments could be a challenge to


How busy do your corridors and rooms get? Have this in mind when deciding on a structure. The texture must be the most neglected feature of them all, but it truly matters. The passages may require a more durable and hard to get dirty materials. The kid rooms may need softer, fluffier rugs. Let the surfaces of the surrounding items guide you in the process as well. Gentle and smooth fabrics are best paired with tough and nicely aligned carpets. Similarly, rugs with more volume and puff are a great match with some gliding, leathery materials.


You cannot go past wool if you want a quality, natural rug. This material is a darling of many carpet shoppers. Cotton is a close second runner. If you want a long-lasting, dirt proof and downright universal rug, choose a dhurrie, a thick flat-woven floor covering, or a tapestry-woven kilim. Tufted rugs are more suited for the moderately trodden ground. The woven base with inserted yarn pieces (looped or cut pile) is designed to create intricate motifs and pictures.  Blended or distressed rugs have a unique look and feel they own to the series of washing and dying (or distressing), ideal for low-level traffic.

Walk on air

Furnishing your place with a right kind of rug demands a solid amount of planning and sorting out. The designs, materials, sizes and shapes available are numerous and easily obtained. With this collection of information at hand, you’d be readily able to pave your own road to foot heaven.


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