The Most Notorious Sins Compromising Your Home Office Security

Having a home office comes with a number of perks. Having an isolated place where you can finish all of your commitments without ever leaving the home is only one of them. Still, such comfort would not be possible without some drawbacks. One of the most obvious would be that responsibility for protecting the important data you are working with befalls entirely on your shoulders. And the more profitable your job is more your data will be exposed to possible attacks. So, let us look at some of the sins, you should most definitely skip if you want to keep your home office safe.

Skipping the Installation of the Most Basic Computer SecurityThe Most Notorious Sins Compromising Your Home Office Security by

Playing with your personal data located on the home PC is one thing, but leaving your business-related files widely open to the cyber attacks is entirely different thing. While setting the industry-leading security software is more than recommended, in the most cases you can get away even with the most basic antivirus, antimalware, and firewall upgrades. If you are using Windows, the default firewall option should be used only as the last resort.

Forgetting to Separate the Business from the Home

The very presence of the home office means that you are bringing the job home, but you should still do your best to keep those two parts of your life clearly separated. For the start, do your best to keep the office in some installation outside the house. If you do not do that, potential break-ins will not only compromise the security of your business data, but your family as well. Also, keeping the office outside will prevent your kids from sneaking up, and messing with the important stuff. Separating your private from professional life should not be reserved only for the physical world, though. It should extend all the way up to Cloud environment.The Most Notorious Sins Compromising Your Home Office Security by

Forgetting to Backup Your Data

Speaking of Cloud, aside from the numerous advantages this work environment offers, it should be mentioned that Cloud is the most reliable and fastest backup platform you can ever get. As a matter of fact, data recovery time for the Cloud users is up to four times lower than for no-cloud users. If speed in the case of disaster, however, is not your priority, you can use alternative backup methods, but be sure to use them. Also, do your best to backup the important data on several locations, both physically present, and virtual.

Failing to Physically Secure the Office

Making sure that your data is backed up and protected from the cyber attacks is only a half of your job, and it will render pretty pointless if your office is not physically secured. So, install the reinforced doors and windows (preferably with bars), alarm system, and the AXIS cameras, or some kind of similar alternative in order to monitor the indoor activity. If your home office is located within your home, extend the security measures throughout the entire house. Discouraging the burglars from even attempting a break-in with dogs and motion-triggered lighting can do you no harm.The Most Notorious Sins Compromising Your Home Office Security by

Failing to Establish the Security Routine

Any of the previously mentioned measures will be pointless if you do not use them correctly. And by correctly we mean timely, thoroughly, and consistently. Make yourself a security schedule, which will include security software updates, backing up the data, and checking all the security systems, and repeat it without any exception until these measures become a part of your daily routine. This may seem as the horrible waste of time at first, but believe us, alternatives are much worse.

Those were five most common measures for keeping your home office safe and secure. If you think that we skipped something feel free to inject some of your own measures in the whole mix. What is the most important is that you do something about the home office security so you can enjoy its perks without any fears and doubts.


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