The Importance of Crane Maintenance

Cranes are great pieces of machinery that can be spotted on every construction or mining site. They allow us to complete buildings and civil constructions in record times. Moreover, the use of cranes decreases the number of people needed on every site. Since cranes have started to be used, the number of accidents on construction sites has also diminished considerably. After all, it is normal to have numerous accidents when people literally do all the heavy lifting and fewer accidents when machines handle this task.

However, in order to keep accidents to a minimum and keep the pieces of machinery productive, crane maintenance is crucial. According to current rules and regulations, cranes must undergo maintenance and inspections periodically, according to the type of crane and its age.

During an inspection, every inch of the crane is being checked. All the parts are tested in order to ensure the fact that they still run properly and do not need to be changed. Nonetheless, a company that provides crane repair will also make sure that, during the inspection, the crane is heavily tested in conditions that simulate an actual project site. Only if the crane passes the inspection is it allowed to go back on the field. Otherwise, repairs have to be done and, afterwards, a new inspection.

As far as crane maintenance in concerned, this consists of proper caring for each piece of machinery. Cranes need to be kept in dry storage units, safe from heat and humidity. Nonetheless, periodical crane maintenance refers to replacing parts that no longer function properly, oiling of parts that need it and so on.

Every year, the construction industry is responsible for numerous accidents and deaths all over the world. When mobile cranes work so close to people this is expected. However, besides the safety measures that need to be taken on-site in order to avoid such accidents, there also numerous things that can be done before taking the crane to the construction site. Crane maintenance and crane repair are the most important of these things.

Besides the possibility to cause accidents, a crane that has not passed the periodical inspection may also be a reason for huge fines and even for the shutting down of the project by the authorities. While crane maintenance may seem expensive, having your project shut down will definitely be more costly.

Thus, when starting a new project, make sure that the crane maintenance and crane repair are done in due time. Do not subject yourself or your company to expensive trials and/or fines. There are numerous crane repair companies that can provide a full range of services. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money if you have more than one crane that needs regular maintenance. Such companies usually offer great volume discounts. Make your appointment for crane maintenance in due time and make sure to ask the sales representative about the volume discounts while you’re at it. You may have a very pleasant surprise!

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