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Get better social media results in 2014: 3 strategies that will up your game

Social media strategy for real estate

 I live social media for our brand day and night. It’s something I’m passionate about. But like many of you, I’ve had my pad and paper out and my browser windows open, writing down new ideas for social media in ...

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How to cook up the right blend of social media content

social media content

Adam Selig, founder and managing partner at content curator Lumentus, reflects on how agents’ social media marketing strategies have evolved in recent years. Sharing a balanced blend of personal content and business content is essential to success on the likes of ...

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Easy ways to boost real estate referrals

easy ways to boost real estate referrals

If you don’t keep in touch, don’t assume past clients will remember the great service you provided. We know from studies conducted by the National Association of Realtors that a large percentage of buyers and sellers get their agent from ...

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Facebook leads connect with idea, location, lifestyle, not your profile picture

Facebook 'likes'

Let’s identify the typical real estate agent’s Facebook page: a profile picture matching that of the agent’s business card; a stock photo of a luxury home as the cover page; posts of links to the agent’s listings; an article about ...

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Best Facebook business pages are like zombies

Online Marketing

Zombies. You know they are the monster du jour, right? From “The Walking Dead” to “World War Z” to the “Zombie Apocalypse.” We all think zombies are dead and evil and must be destroyed. But in order to destroy something, ...

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4 tips for driving traffic with Pinterest

traffic with Pinterest

OK, what’s the big deal with Pinterest? It’s just another social media platform that you don’t have time for. So what if it’s the third most popular social site in the U.S.? Who cares that the average user spends 77 ...

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