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Comparable Market Analysis in Real Estate Industry

Comparable Market Analysis in Real Estate

A property must be fairly assessed before you purchase it. This is to make sure that the price is based on the current conditions and demand in the real estate market. This is what a comparative market analysis is all ...

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Video listings for newbies: 3 must-haves for success

Video listings

  If you’ve been in real estate a while, you probably remember when listing photos were “the next big thing.” Photo showcases, especially, could really give you a competitive edge. Now, however, photos are a given. Buyers expect to see ...

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4 tips for driving traffic with Pinterest

traffic with Pinterest

OK, what’s the big deal with Pinterest? It’s just another social media platform that you don’t have time for. So what if it’s the third most popular social site in the U.S.? Who cares that the average user spends 77 ...

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