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Calculate Your Income vs. Debt When you think of taking a home loan

calculate home loan

Most of the lenders would not like you to take the loan that might overload your ability of repaying it. When you think of taking a home loan, you need to consider your financial state. What is your earning and ...

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Joint Mortgages Make Home Ownership Affordable

Mortgage tips

Pros and Cons of Mortgage Cost Sharing Tendency of sharing resources and obtain a joint mortgage with a friend or friends is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in regions with elevated house prices, or the first buyer who can not have ...

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What Happens To Second Mortgage After Foreclosure On The First?

2nd mortgage

To collect the unpaid debt, a civil or deficiency judgment could be filed by the second mortgage lender. If he or she fails to recover entire loan balance after first mortgage foreclosure then he or she can issue a charge-off. ...

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