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Home Sales and Prices Increase, U.S. Housing Market to Improve in 2014

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Investors, Cash Buyers Continue to Drive Housing Recovery We are ending the year with some excellent news for the housing market. Home sales were up in November, and so were home prices. According to housing data firm RealtyTrac, U.S. residential ...

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Are we still heading toward 5% mortgages?

Are we still heading toward 5% mortgages

Rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage are currently averaging 4.6%, up from 3.35% in early May. Prospective buyers who have been shying away from the housing market due to rising rates may have reason to start shopping again. On Wednesday, ...

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14 Things you Need to Consider Prior To Purchasing a House

Home Buying

Your emotions must not cloud the judgement that you make. When purchasing a house, your emotions can get in the way and can make a big difference.   Visit at several times of the day-: windows that allow much light ...

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First-time Homebuyers Facing a Different set of Housing Realities


The next generation of homebuyers has different expectations of the real estate process, and who can blame them? They are facing a different set of realities from their parents. The average Gen Y currently has, on average, $27,000 in college ...

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Are we in another housing bubble? Experts don’t think so, but can they be sure?

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Rising home prices don’t (necessarily) mean a dreaded bubble A fast rise in U.S. home prices has some in the housing market murmuring the dreaded “B” word. New numbers out this week only add to that “bubble” hypothesis. The nation’s ...

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