Suspended Ceiling for Dream Bedroom – Create Quiet Private Space for You

Different design style suits different suspended ceiling. The function of chandelier is not only beautifying our home, but also insulating sound and environment protection. We also can use it to create private space in dream bedrooms. Here are the steps:

The form of dream bedroom suspended ceiling has decisive influence on both the pattern of home remodel and light. Usually the structure of dream bedroom suspended ceiling is featured with flat, simple designed and elegant. Therefore, flat type and glass type are good choice. Flat type suspended ceiling form has no special shape and layering on the ceiling surface. Glass type suspended ceiling can be divided into transparent or semi-transparent or stained glass. It gives people the magic feeling of bright, fresh and people can see sky indoor.

Sound insulation of suspended ceiling material

As material for bedroom suspended ceiling does not need to consider water proof property, we have more choice. But it has high requirement for sound insulation. Plasterboard and calcium silicate board are the main material for bedroom suspended ceiling.  Acoustic panel with paper surface is the most common material for dream bedroom suspended ceiling plasterboard. It has the feature of fireproofing, sound insulation, thermal insulation, vibration resistant and convenient to install. Calcium silicate board has the feature of light weight, high intensity, damp-proof, anti-corrosion, fireproof, and anti-fragmentation. The sound absorption performance of calcium silicate board is better than plasterboard.
Comparison of the two materials: relatively speaking, the price of plasterboard is cheaper and it is more cost effective, but calcium silicate board has better performance on sound insulation.

Rules for choosing bedroom suspended ceiling

Check whether the amplexiform degree is precise or not. You can test the solid by pinching with fingernail, if the touching feel is soft, then the product is disqualified. Another feature of disqualification is that you can break the board with hand. Keel is the obbligato material for suspended ceiling. Wood and light steel are the two main materials for it. Pay attention to the aridity of wooden keel. Anti-deformation and fire proof are the basic requirement for light steel keel.

Customer should know about the product specification, category, performance and characteristics of suspended ceiling for achieving ideal decoration effect. Suspended ceiling for bedroom should mainly pay attention to the sound insulation and anti-deformation.

Three ways to give you quiet dream bedroom

First, glass sound proof cotton has the feature of environment friendly, heat insulation, sound absorption and safety protection. It can be added into the light steel keel and plasterboard. As the diameter of glass sound proof cotton is small, customer can apply damp proof veneering according to needs. The vast small air gap in it makes it have better sound insulation and heat absorption function.

High density foam panel is cheap and effect sound insulation choice for bedroom suspended ceiling. Here is the way to install it: nail high density foam panel in 3 cm thickness on the keel of suspended ceiling with screw; paste medical gauze with white latex on the foam panel; paint 2 to 3 cm sound insulation and sound absorption coating after it dry. Is not it easy? The fire proof function not only provide quiet environment for your dream bedroom, but also assure your safety.

Fabric sound absorption panel is another good choice bedroom suspended ceiling sound insulation. It is often added in the light steel keel and plasterboard. Fire proof function is another requirement for fabric sound absorption panel except sound insulation.

The construction procedure of glass sound insulation cotton and fabric sound absorption panel is easier and they have good sound insulation effect. The construction procedure of high density foam panel is more complex, but its fire proof performance is better than other two. The price of high density foam panel is also more affordable. Find basic knowledge for designing bedroom here.

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