Slumber of your garden

With the autumn drawing to an end, the time slowly comes for your garden to sleep. But, have you performed all the necessary preparations? If you are uncertain, you can go through this list of tips and tricks, which will make your winter doing in the garden easier and more pleasant. Also, you can save it for the next season, and maybe even plan ahead a bit.

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I can’t say for certain, is it my way, or is it truly easier to do everything by list? Anyway, you will need a piece of paper, and use it to write down all the things you need to do, and to perform. Put your list somewhere to be visible, and as days pass by, cross out and add up things accordingly. In that way you will make a habit, and instead of memorising all, you will have less effort. This list can include all sorts of things from planting schedule to reminders to buy specific seeds. In addition, you won’t be obliged to hop on to the Internet each time, to check when is the right time to plant which seed, you will have it written down.


Speaking of the next generation of plants, it is wise to save seed from your own plants during the year. It will save you money, and in addition, you will get to know sorts of plants quite faster, and it will be easier for you to decide which to keep and which not to. Also, it gives you freedom to choose, whether you are going to preserve seed, and plant it directly to your garden, or you will use time during winter to develop seedlings. If you wish having earlier fruit, go with the second option, and if you are not in a hurry, save seed for spring.  Also, seedling option doesn’t require having fancy beddings, simply put a light bulb above planted seed, and water it regularly. Garage will be sufficient, and if the temperature during winter drops very low on your location, consider moving it into the house. It is important not to leave it to freeze, for then it will go to waste.

Smart planting

If you lack space in your garden, investment into climbing plants is great word of advice. Those are going up, instead of growing as a bush. Although you will be required to provide support, this is nothing hard to make. Few wooden lathes and wires is all that is needed. Also, some types of flowers can be edible, such as roses, violas and calendulas, while other will attract insects, providing better pollination. Those plants are fennel, coriander and cumin.image 3

Aid of a friend and/or neighbor

If you have people in your surroundings which are doing the same job, be sure to connect with them. Seed change and sharing, borrowing and any form of aid is great asset to have. Also, many people care to share cuttings as well. This is something of an unwritten law, for people like to see other interested in their plants. Another smart move would be to make a phone call to a local green house, and to see when are they going to perform pruning clear outs, and most likely you will be allowed to take several cuttings. Be careful though, not to take rotten or damaged ones, for those cannot be used.


If you have trees planted in your garden, those will be needed care as well. Bitter cold can severely damage the tree, rendering it unusable, and leaving you with no choice, but to remove it. Also, the weight of the snow can break branches, especially at the end of the winter, when the snow is heavy and wet, and represents serious danger. The best you could do is to call up tree services Sydney, for people who are working there are highly trained professionals, and will give you great advices, or will make sure to preserve your trees during winter.

So, this is in short terms, the list of most necessary things which need to be performed, in order to have fruitful and successful spring. Keep in mind that these plants are vulnerable during winter, and it is up to you to protect them.


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