Skills about How to Pick Out Safety Light

Lighting is the most charming atmosphere maker in home decorating. Different styles, colors, size and material can create different lighting and shadow atmosphere for different space. At present, the all kinds of lights may dazzle your eyes. If you want to pick out the safety with high performance, you should may attention to the following aspects.

First, identify the appearance

1.    The signs of the lights. The first sight for buying lights should see signs on the light such as trademark, model number, nominal voltage etc. judge whether it meets your usage requirements.

2.    The electric shock resistance. Normally, the reason for causing shock from light is that the manufacture adopts non-standard light socket or light or the electric part without cover protection. After charged with electricity, if you touch the part without the electricity, you would not in danger.

3.    The light guide line insulation area. You may have a view of the sign on the insulation guide line. The standard minimum area for the insulation area is 0.5mm per square. Some unqualified ones only have 0.2mm per square. This kind of guide line may burn the electric wire on the abnormal conditions, which may cause open circuit.

Second, identify the frame

1.    The entrance of the metal tube which goes throng the guide line should not have sharp edges to avoid cutting open. If opened, the metal is in live line, which has the electric shocking danger.

2.    The lamp and floor lamp should have guide line fixed mount at the entrance of the electric wire. The function of it is to avoid melting the insulation layer.

Third, learn the light source

The main light sources are the incandescent lamp, the Energy-saving lamp, the Metal halogen lamp and the LED lamp.

The incandescent lamp: it has a short service life, around 3000 to 4000 hours. But it has high color analysis, which can reach 100. It can show the original look for the articles, which is often used in restaurant and bedroom.

The Energy-saving lamp: it has a long service life, around 8000 to 10000 hours. The color analysis is around 80. It has two lighting color, the white and the yellow. The yellow light gives you a warm feeling whereas the white light shows a cold feeling.

The Metal halogen lamp: one type of the incandescent lamp. The service life is not long, not more than 6000 hours. However, this kind of light can have a focus illumination such as showing the decorative pictures on the wall.

The LED lamp: the white lighting LED lamp is much better than others. However, it needs improvement on the technology, for its lighting effect is very low and the colors may have deficiency. Visit to find more.

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