Simple Ways to Tidy up Your House

Cleaning – nobody likes to do it but we all have to. It consumes both our time and our energy. But, cleaning up and organizing your house doesn’t need to be a constant battle. The trick is to make a cleaning system that works. So we’re here to help you and share with you some simple tips and tricks on how you can easily clean up your house and make it spotless, but at the same time not waste much time and energy.


Perhaps the most hated room for cleaning. But somebody has to do it.  If you have a problem with mold on your shower curtains, it’s a good idea to just throw them in the washing machine from time to time to clean it off. When it comes to mold and mildew on your bathroom tiles, it’s probably best to use a cleanser and a toothbrush for those hard to reach spots. It’s always a good idea to spray the sink, the tub and toilet with the abstergent you are using and let it sit for a while. In that period of time don’t forget to clean the mirror with a simple dry rag and a mirror cleanser. When the abstergent is done sitting, be sure you have a good scrubbing brush and get to work. When it comes to the toilet, you can just put baking soda in it and scrub it with the toilet brush.16323-an-african-american-woman-cleaning-a-window-pv


When it comes to the bedroom, you need to think about a couple of things. First of all, remove all the linen, pillowcases, blankets etc. and throw them in the hamper. Be sure to change your linen regularly and to make the bed every morning. After the bed is done, it’s time to deal with the dust. It’s best to use a dry microfiber cloth. Dust every piece of furniture from top to bottom and let dust fall on the floor, you’re going to deal with the floors afterward anyway. Don’t keep many things in the bedroom, have a nightstand with a couple of drawers to keep only the essentials.


To save yourself the energy, be sure to wash your dishes after every meal, you will be thanking yourself later on. In the kitchen it’s best to start with the sink. Your sink is a source of all kind of bacteria, so it’s recommended to disinfect it first. Use an all-purpose cleaner in a spray bottle to clean the surfaces, fixtures and rim. If your sink is stainless steel baking soda and water will do the trick. For removing water spots, vinegar is the best choice. The counters and the drawers are best to be treated with hot soapy water in order to sanitize it. Leave the oven for the end. If using oven cleaners be sure to read the labels and to protect your eyes, nose and mouth. After treating it with the oven cleaner, rinse it with water and wipe it with a dry cloth.


In the end, when all rooms are done, make a final circle around the house to sweep the floors. Use the vacuum cleaner for a quickest way to get rid of the dust and dirt. You can sweep the floors with a broom afterward if you think you missed something. After that it is good to treat your laminate with a wet mop and a cleanser for wood. If you have tiles in the bathroom or the kitchen, just switch to a tile cleanser to give it the finishing sparkle. If you don’t have time to do it by yourself, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional, such as house cleaning Sydney, where you will be sure the job will be done thoroughly.

They trick to a clean house is to have a good cleaning plan and to cover all the surfaces. It’s important to use safety gloves and masks when dealing with harmful chemicals. Also, keep in mind to have a cleaning schedule. If you clean your house on regular basics, it will be much easier and much less time consuming every following time. So the secret is nothing more than to clean smart and regularly and you will have a spotless home in no time.



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