Rug Rules You Need to Know

hv-618-rust-1_1_1Rugs give the room its general and overall appearance. They set the mood, visually separate different parts of the room, decorate it and create that warm feeling beneath your feet. Choosing the right rug can transform your room entirely and make it just perfect. On the other hand, if you do wrong when choosing it, you may even make your room like it is unfinished, undecorated and pretty much dull and unpleasant to be in. Now that you know how important the choosing of the right rug is, here are some rules that you need to live by when choosing the correct rug for your room. Make sure you do well by them and your rug will change your space for the better in no time.




This is the first trick that you need to master to have the great rug – you need to choose the size correctly. Think about what you are trying to achieve in the room and measure it very carefully and accurately. For the fully carpeted room, you will need to make sure that the size and the shape are matching your room. At least make sure that all your furniture fits on the rug. If you want a smaller rug, then your sofas should be outside the rug while your coffee table is on it. Also, in the dining room, a rug should be able to hold the dining table and all the chairs on it. Even smaller than that should be used only to accent a certain piece of furniture on them.




The first purpose that rugs have is to visually complete or divide the room. When you use two rugs in a very large area, visually, you are making that area look like there are two rooms in it. Just by placing two rugs there, you have the reason and the justification to turn the back of one sofa to the back of another and get away with it, because visually, the rugs already created two areas. Also, they can be used to accent something in the room. For example, a nice little rug underneath an armchair and a standing lamp makes it a reading area that everybody sees and notices. If you place the furniture so that only the front legs are on the rug, it will definitely bring the entire room together and make a visual connection.hv-631-taupe-1_1


Material and Type


Let’s get one thing straight – when you are buying the Oriental rug, you first buy the rug and then buy all the other furniture because these are the work of art and they are the most important detail in the room. If you are not aiming that high, they you need to think about the shape and the material of your rug. You need to know how frequented it will be and opt for the more durable materials if it is going to be walked on frequently. Also, even though there are some interesting and good fabrics and eco solutions, people still opt for natural materials like hemp.


Shape and Color


First of all, decide if you need it round or with edges and corners. If you want to cover the entire room, you shape that repeats the shape of the room is your best choice. Round and oval shapes are really nice for accenting areas and connecting the furniture together. Colors should definitely match the rest of the room. However, don’t go too bright because every stain and every impurity will be far more visible. Accidents happen but don’t let your rug be the remainder of that.


Things to Avoid


There are a couple of things to think about when choosing the rug. One of the first rules is not to choose the rug just because it looks great in the shop. That is its look entirely out of the context of your room and therefore, it can be a complete disaster when you place it under your furniture.


Rugs are great. Esthetically, they are very important. There is a lot to have in mind when purchasing a rug, so make sure that it is a not rush decision and that you have the time to think it through.

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