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Pending Home Sales Plunge in December

Foreclosures Still Weighing on Market

Foreclosures Still Weighing on Market The chilling month of  December drove pending home sales to its lowest depths since October 2011. Winters are always slow for the housing industry. With temperatures dipping to decade-low levels in some parts of the ...

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New Guidelines for Foreclosure Victims; Tahoe Luxury Market Rebounding


Is 2014 the Year of the Boomerang Buyer? Here’s some good news for foreclosure victims. They could still keep their American dream of owning a home alive. And they could live that dream sooner rather than later. Housing experts are ...

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How do you Buy a Foreclosed Home Today

How to Buy a Foreclosed Home Today

So you want to know how do you buy a Foreclosed home today. Well foreclosure listing are still been shaved in the USA every month, but when it comes to upgrade to a different home is still a better option ...

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Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams!

foreclosure release scams

Real Help is Free! The mortgage modification and foreclosure release scams are increasing and this problem could cost you thousands of dollars if not more, even your home. All scammers make promises they cannot keep, including the guaranty to “save” ...

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What Happens To Second Mortgage After Foreclosure On The First?

2nd mortgage

To collect the unpaid debt, a civil or deficiency judgment could be filed by the second mortgage lender. If he or she fails to recover entire loan balance after first mortgage foreclosure then he or she can issue a charge-off. ...

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Foreclosure prevention plan draws mixed reviews

Foreclosure solutions

The response by Denver experts to President Barack Obama’s foreclosure prevention program ran the gamut, with some deriding it and others praising it. Some also believed that it needs to be fine-tuned. In fact, the $275 billion housing program, announced ...

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Buying Foreclosure Home: Best Way to Own a Home at the Cheapest Rate

Buying foreclosure home

Foreclosure homes are the solutions to the complicated question of how to buy a quality home at a rate lower than the market price. Before proceeding further we would like to know the basics of a foreclosure home. A home ...

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How to Cash in on the REO – Real Estate Owned – Craze!

Property foreclosures

The fact that most people of this world end up giving their search for the perfect foreclosure before the preforeclosure process has even been completed. Really, the government has reduced the penalties on banks for the reason of having penalties ...

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Short Sales: The 7 Main Requirements of a Short Sale

Selling a shortsale

The main cause of the short sale in a real state is due to the fact that the money made from selling a property falls short of the balance owed on a loan secured by the property that was sold. ...

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