Painting Room With Hues Of Blue

Blue is quite a mysterious colour. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful. It has so many different tones, and every tone is capable to portraying a totally distinct mood! Ask people what their favourite colour is, and the majority of them will come up with blue. Shades of blue are spread so widely over the colour wheel that every person will have a different shade of blue in their mind while thinking of painting room with hues of blue. When it comes to interior decoration and painting, you will be amazed with the countless trends and ideas you’ll come across once you opt for blue as your primary colour.

  1. Light sky blue: This is one of the most natural shades of blue and follows the same colour tone as the bright, blue sky. It’s ultra-clean and crystal clear hue makes the room feel airy just like the open sky. It has been noted that those people who buy their first houses or move recently and are not sure of which colour tone to choose, they go with sky blue because of its ability to blend in with every type of furniture and accessories at home. Most standard homes have light beige as their primary paint colour, and if you’re tired of it and wish to keep the place simple, there’s nothing better than sky blue for you.
  2. Sea kiss blue: This is known to be a refreshing shade of blue. Water is refreshing, isn’t it? Well, this colour has a shade of sea blue in it, and therefore it creates a refreshing atmosphere. It does not matter whether your primary or secondary colour is darker than this or lighter than this, sea kiss blue will blend in perfectly with whichever second colour you have. Since interior decoration techniques make use of paint colours that vary in every room, sea kiss blue can be a great one for your reading room or a relaxation space!
  3. Oceanside blue: This colour is somewhat a combination of teal and navy blue, and its shades depend on the respective amounts and ratios of both constituents you add up to make this colour. Due to the wide spectrum of tones that can be derived, many moods can be reflected. Darker shades with more navy blue will portray a formal scenario whereas those shades that have more teal in comparison to navy blue will look the best on houses near beaches and water bodies. The fact that Oceanside blue creates a great combination with ambers, reds, and browns adds up to its popularity. Decorators say that it’s best for your living room and bedroom decor.
  4. Traditional turquoise: This colour scheme is both vintage and contemporary. Well, there was a time in between when it went out of style, but then it regained its position back in the game. The serene mix of blue and green make turquoise quite well adjustable with yellows – it’s going to look like the sun shining above stagnant water!

These trendy shades are definitely worth considering if you’re up to painting room with hues of blue.

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