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Packing has never been a walk in the park. You want your valuables to be secured safely in boxes. You don’t want to arrive to your new home finding your glassware demolished or ruined. This insurmountable job can be made easier by remaining calm. Rushing only leads to careless packing. Packing should be done relatively close to the moving house date, yet this does not mean you can’t get ahead and pack what is not used on a daily basis. Following these tips will allow easier and more effective packing before you move out:
Effective Packing Tips:
So now you have found a new wonderful home and can’t wait until your possessions fill it up to make it cozy and presentable. In order to do this you must first pack. The method of packing can save you not only time, but can ensure the safety of your things when handled by movers or moved to your new home.


Following these tips allows effective packing so that the transition to your new place may be easier.
1) When packing be sure to consider what you will need first and place these valuables on top or in easily accessible clear plastic bins.
2) Bubble wrap, tape and boxes can come not cheap, thus pack fragile valuables in clothing or towels.
3) Be sure to label all boxes with what the box contains and where in your home these will be allocated.
4) Smaller parts such as screws are best kept in small sandwich bags. Again, don’t forget to label these, as you will have a much easier time finding them and knowing to what these belong to.
5) If you’re no tech genius, be sure to write down or take a photo of your electronic setups. In this way you can quickly connect the cables and wires in your new place you.
6) When packing a closet or wardrobe just keep the hangers on the clothing and put them inside a bag so that you may just hang them and slip out the bag in your new closets.
7) Women, you can avoid breaking your favorite make up and foundations by wrapping cotton inside and around the packaging.
8) It is important to pack overnight bags or suitcases with stuff you will need first. You need to have your essentials hand such as brushes, clothes and body wash and other thing that you use in your daily routine.

Now comes the worse room to pack, as most fragile and useful things are found in this room – The Kitchen.
Kitchen Packing:
Because Kitchenware can be fragile, must pack it neatly and layered so that whatever you need first is at the top. These tips will allow security for your kitchen appliances and dishes:
1) It is important that you first pack the unused dishes and kitchen apparel. You need to be able to cook and dine without eating takeout for an extensive period of time.
2) Be sure to pack your glassware or chinaware separated from each other individually. This prevents banging and clashing of the fragile utensils when transporting them to your new place.
3) Label the box with kitchenware as fragile, to increase the movers’ care when handling the delicate boxes.
4) Find the most impact-absorbing materials (usually bubble wrap). If you don’t want to buy special packing materials, you can cover the fragile items in socks and old clothes.
5) Be sure to layer your materials adequately in the boxes. Putting glassware at the bottom and heavy dishes at the top is not a good idea. The first layer should be heavy kitchen equipment such as hobs and pans. The second layer should be plates and finally the third layer should comprise of glassware. The best method of storing plates is still sideways packing, like records. In this way, there will be less impact and thus a smaller chance of damage.
6) Be sure that the packed kitchen tools don’t move too much within the boxes.
7) If possible, put sugar bowls, or anything with a lid, upside down to avoid direct contact with glass or chinaware at the top.
Hopefully these tips have allowed an easier transition into your home. Good luck and enjoy your new living premises! For more ideas:

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