New House: What You Need to Do Before You Move In

Buying a new home is a thing of joy – you can practically feel the adrenaline running through your veins. However, many homeowners seem to forget that homes do not usually wait to be used out-of-the- box – they need to be worked on.

In order to avoid spending too much energy on planning and actually get things done quickly, we have drawn a list for you which should help you in sorting things out and preparing your house for a fast and safe moving in.

Safety first: Change the locksNew House: What You Need to Do Before You Move In by

The first thing you should do when you get the keys of your new home is – to replace them. Since you can never be too sure of who else has the keys to your home, it would be best to change all the locks and have a spare pair of keys somewhere distant from the front door. This may look like a luxury, but is a perfectly rational thing to do if you do not want uninvited guests roaming around.

Additionally, you can install burglar alarms and surveillance systems if you plan to keep your valuable things inside. Smoke detectors and monoxide alarms should also be on your list if you have not found them in the house (make sure to check their batteries as well!).

Find the circuit breaker box and the main water valve

If anything goes wrong in your house, such as a light bulb going off, or a dripping faucet – you will have to shut the electricity or the main water valve off, respectively. If this is your first time living alone, find out how the breaker panel works and your first blackout will not be that stressful. The same goes for water problems – familiarize yourself with it and learn how to shut it off in case of emergency.

Check plumbingNew House: What You Need to Do Before You Move In by

Even though you had a home inspector doing this, it would not hurt if you would double-check your plumbing, just to be sure. Sometimes, even the most experienced experts can overlook small cracks. Since problems tend to arise only after the experts are out, you can expect to see running toilets or dripping faucets only after you have gotten an astronomical water bill. To prevent this from happening, check the water meter every couple of hours during the first two weeks and inspect the faucets and toilet as soon as you cross the doorstep.

Repaint and spray

Before you have your stuff in the house, it would be best to do the dirtiest work beforehand. This includes painting and wallpapering the walls, waxing, sanding, spraying and all other floor refinishing work. If you plan to reuse kitchen cabinetry, you can give it a fresh look by simply painting it differently, according to your personal liking.

Unclutter and clean

Hygiene should be one of your top priorities when moving into a new house. Since sellers tend to leave homes broom clean, you need to know in advance that this actually means leaving the place messy. You can steam clean carpets, furniture and mattresses if you are planning to reuse them, as well as avoid using old toilet seats – simply replace them. We have asked Heapscheap-rubbish removal company to give us advice on cleaning the house before you move in, and they say that it would be best if you would remove everything you do not consider useful, including furniture and electronics.

Moving into a new home can be stressful, but you can reduce the stress by following these simple steps. Just think of your new home as an oasis – try to make it that way and you will enjoy every moment spent in it.

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