Managing Your Responsibility During an Office Move

Nine top tips for ensuring that you have what it takes to manage a move in your office.

1. Not a house relocation- an office relocation.

It is essential that you remain aware that you are dealing with an office move rather than a domestic move. This means that instead of personal preferences of a family, you are dealing with the business savvy of a company. You need to ensure that all decisions are made for the benefit of the business, rather than for the comfort of the employees, or even for yourself. That said, the comfort of your employees will have a direct impact on the quality of their work, which is then a business issue. You would have to organize things a lot more effectively than you otherwise would, so stay focused and make sure you look at things from every possible angle you can think of.

2. Understanding your limits.

You need to know when to take a back seat in certain areas. Few people are skilled in the things that a business move requires, and it is no bad thing if you are not an expert in commercial move. You will find that abstaining from some of the responsibility in favor of having a moving company come in and do that part of the job will put you in better staid to get some parts of the move sorted more easily. They will handle things with much greater efficiency and organizational skill for this particular task, since they have done it hundreds, if not thousands of times per year. Learn to count on them when push comes to shove and you will have a much easier time dealing with the whole process.

Managing Your Responsibility During an Office Move

3. Department heads

Having representatives form the departments in the office present during planning and meetings with the moving services will ensure that all voices in the company are heard in a fair and equal way. As long as they have their department’s interests in mind, the discussion can be open, though it may have to be frank, and not everyone can have their way. They may give you ideas you haven’t thought about yet, so consider this when making your choices and you will have an easier time when you put the finishing touches during the moving process.

4. Delegation

Some parts of the office will be more familiar territory to other members of the company than yourself, do not be afraid to delegate tasks that require a particular skill set to them, rather than risking messing it up yourself!

5. Advance planning

Ensuring that the planning starts well in advance of the move is essential. Obviously, all planning has to happen before the event, but getting things down on paper months in advance will ensure that you are completely firm on everything that is going to happen well before they need to. It means that you can warn people that are going to be affected by the removal well in advance as well, giving them time to make allowances for it.

6. Packing service

Many removal services offer a packing service, which will be what most businesses need. You would likely have a tough time getting your staff to pack the office up anyway! A packing service will have the necessary specialist removal boxes, as well as the packing supplies needed to make the job an easy and efficient one.

7. Preparation for unpack and office restart.

Be sure to have the heads of departments involved in planning the restarting of the office in it’s new location. You need to ensure that this is as smooth as possible, so that you can hit your target restart time. Failure to plan properly could result in delays getting business back on track.

8. Long term budgeting

You need to look at the long term impact that a large move will have on the budget. If your business is going to thrive, then the move needs to happen for all of the right reasons, rather than just being affective in the short term. Are you planning the move with the following year in mind, or the next ten years? It is essential that all of your moving plans keep an eye on the future, especially where money is involved.
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