Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Healthy and less polluted surroundings are the biggest requirement today. More and more households are trying to reduce carbon emissions. Energy conservation is also a debatable issue seeing the hazards of pollution. To get energy efficient systems installed is the biggest need that is the reason governments of many countries are making it mandatory. We need to reduce the dependency on non-renewable sources of energy like coal or fossil fuels because they create more pollution on burning and cannot be recreated again.

There are many advantages of getting an efficient energy saving system installed in our homes. The worth of your home also increases if you have an efficient energy saving system installed as a part of your home.

If you have decided to install an efficient energy saving system in your home then you have to perform an energy audit primarily. This audit helps you in checking the usage of energy in your house and guides you through the ways to reduce the usage of electricity which is generated from nonrenewable sources of energy.

There are certain systems like solar powered system and rain water harvesting system that makes your home more energy efficient.

Solar powered systems: You can run your equipments with the help of solar power. These systems use solar power to generate electricity. Room heaters and water heaters are the most common solar power operated equipments these days. The only disadvantage with this system is the initial cost at the time of installation. These solar power systems are a little costly but if you go for long run say eight to ten years then they can prove really cost effective.

Rain water harvesting systems: If you live in a big community or have a quite big piece of land then you can get rain water harvesting system installed, and thus save every drop of water which can be easily recycled or used for various other purposes like bathing, cleaning or even potable purposes. You can easily cu your water bills by using this system but this requires a lot of planning especially in initial stages.

There are some other very simple ways by which one can reduce his energy consumption patterns. For example if the ceilings of houses are made higher and some plantation is done then this can reduce your air-conditioning bills by a considerable amount. Cross ventilation in all rooms allows fresh cool air to come in. Good insulation of walls keeps your homes warm in winters.

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