Keeping your garden safe from wildlife

Taking care of a great big garden will require a lot of work, and you will have to put in some effort. Though, one of the biggest problems to deal with will be pests and critters which just simply will not leave your garden alone. You will have a lot of options to choose from, but, make sure that you always take the most organic and safest approach, as you do not want to hurt any animals.

Make sure you know what you are up against

Unless you know what is going through your garden, it will be hard to get rid of it. Identifying pest damage will be the first step towards making sure that you know what kind of methods you will have to use in order to keep your garden safe. Remember to avoid using harsh chemicals, as they will not only poison the pests, but it will leave a mark on the environment as well.

Put up a fenceKeeping your garden safe from wildlife by

If you notice that large animals are easily coming into your garden, then it is time to install a small fence that will keep them at bay. However, if that does not help out a lot, then you should look into electrical fences as they will jolt the animals, but not strong enough to cause any permanent damage.

Use natural repellents

Most animals and insects will be afraid to come near your garden if you use natural and organic repellents to control the situation. However, without being sure what is causing your troubles, you should stay clear of anything that might be potentially dangerous to not only other pests, but to your garden as well. After all, the toxins are not going to wash out as easy as you would hope, and it could poison your plants to the point of withering them quickly.

Put up scary decorations

Even though it might sound like something children should do on Halloween, but, putting up scarecrows and other scary things can really help in preventing any critters from coming in. but, you should update it regularly, as some creatures can learn quickly that there is no danger, and that will give them a chance to slip in unnoticed and without any reason to be afraid later on.

Hold a stakeoutKeeping your garden safe from wildlife by

Sometimes, things can get out of hand when you are unable to identify the type of creature roaming through your garden. However, if you gear up and have a stakeout in your garden, you will be able to notice what is going on, and what your next step should be in order to make your garden safer. Using night vision binoculars you will see what goes on, without alerting the animal. But, give some time to get used to using it at night as it could be a bit confusing at first.

Call in pest control

As your very last step and when you are unable to handle the situation, you should give the pest controls a call, and have them come over as soon as possible. Remember that the sooner you get rid of pests in your garden, the more you will be able to enjoy its relaxing vibes.

Keeping your garden neatly organized and clear of any pests will take time and effort, but once you do have everything under control, it will be a haven for you to sit back and enjoy yourself. Do not forget to check your garden regularly so that you can make sure that there are no more unwanted guests coming through your piece of heaven.


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