Ideas for low cost Kid’s Rooms interior design

Creating a fun space for your kids to play at doesn’t have to be a drain on your wallet or a time-consuming project. In fact, there are a number of fun ways to make your kids’ room a true heaven using smart shopping, creativity, items you already have in your house. Here are some ideas that’ll make the whole experience of turning a room or a corner of your house into your kids’ playtime heaven much more interesting.

  1. Chalkboard-Wall

Chalkboard is an amazing way to stimulate your children to be creative, draw and generally have fun! Why would you be spending money on a full-blown hanging board or a fancy easel displays when you can just paint a part of one huge wall chalkboard paint! If there is a smaller wall in the room, pick that one and cover it with chalkboard paint in full. It’s amazing what all people came up with – these chalkboard wall-paints are now available in any color, plus they transform the wall into an actual, erasable chalkboard! How great is that!?


  1. Storage Containers

The sea of toys you without a doubt step on every single day, several times a day will drive you crazy on the long run unless you find good storage containers. You can buy these containers, but then again you can get creative and make them yourself – take extra-large diaper boxes or large, sturdy shipping boxes. You can even wrap them in paper and let your kids scribble and paint on them. If, however, you want to avoid that DIY look, buy fabric of your choice and glue it to the boxes. I have a girl and a boy and I made two such containers – one is wrapped in floral fabric, while the other one has Batman signs all over it. It holds stuffed animals and my kids love them!

Oh and – once the room is all set, explain it to your kids their playroom is the only room to play in. No more fire trucks, teddy bears and Barbies lying around the living-room! Also, teach your kids to put toys back into the containers at the end of their playtime.

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  1. The Walls

The walls are what give any room structure and shape. The paint/wallpaper/wall-stickers you choose will definitely set the tone of your kids’ playroom. So, think wisely of the tone you want the room to have. Also, if your children are sharing the room and they are of opposite genders (like in my case, girl and a boy) make the tone of the room universal. For instance, colors like eggshell, muted yellow, green, brown, purple, etc. will look wonderful! You can decorate the walls will wall stickers of cities, cartoon characters or anything you feel your children will love. If you are feeling extra creative, you can even paint a sky in your children’s room and give it a magical feel!

Further, you can decorate the walls with your children’s art – anything you love they drew can make for a fantastic display. Frame that art and hang it on the walls.

It’s advisable you steer clear of hanging mirrors as they are fragile and break easily. Even grownups break them, let alone children!

  1. Shelving, cabinets and closets

Since you have already set a playroom for your children, it needs to hold all, or at least most of necessary pieces of furniture. You need a space to place your children’s art supplies, books, extra toys, rarely used toys, sketch books, etc. Cabinets are a life saver in these matters and so are shelves! Buying cabinets that match the style of the room is a smart investment as they’ll hold all items that would usually lie around the house. Same goes for shelves! Yet, when having them installed, make sure they’ve been tightened properly – you don’t want a hanging shelf falling on your kid’s head or a cabinet stumbling down.

  1. Think of flooring

Since your children will probably be spending 90% of their time on the floor, playing, drawing and just having fun, you need to provide a good carpet they can sit on and not get a cold. Kids soft floor rug is a piece of interior that can complement the room and give it a fun vibe, so – choose wisely! Pick a good material and a fun design your children will enjoy. Further, when choosing the carpet, think of materials that are cleaned easily as stains are an inevitable part of every playroom.

Now that your kids have their own room, you can let other parts of your house just be… Didn’t you miss going to bed in the evening without stepping on a Lego?




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