Ideas For A Small Bathroom Redesign

Small bathrooms are usually 5-by-7 feet size. But even if you have a bathroom this small, you can find and implement a vast range of creative solutions and ideas when redesigning it. With the right combination of colors and patterns, you can give your bathroom an illusion of bigger space, more open than it actually is, making it stylish and practical at the same time. Considering the amount of time spent in the bathroom every day, having a smart small bathroom design – where each element has a purpose – is a must, for making the place a cozy and compact refreshment sanctuary.

SimplicityIdeas For A Small Bathroom Redesign by

Simple designed bathrooms are always a good choice. Limit the color range up to 3 colors. Using white tiles and other bathroom elements (tub, sink and vanities) would give an airy, bright and spacious feel to the room. A simple, limestone tub, a small sink and vanities (modern or retro-curved) is everything you need. Break the whiteness with other natural “airy” colors. Light green or light blue is great, however, with eye-popping orange or calming-brown colored accessories (shower curtains, towels, bathroom-floor rugs), you will shatter the monotony and achieve a simple design appealing to the eye.


Modern means diverse and unique. It is up to you to choose how far you want to go. Modern designed small bathrooms yearn for refined palettes and consistency. Start with a minimalist design and pair grey and white. Keep the accents minimal, choose large squared tiles, add a floor-to-ceiling mirror, a freestanding tub with a vertical-striped shower curtain. All that will alter the perception, creating the feel of a larger room. When it comes to bathroom renovations, Sydney is the home of many high-skilled interior designers that could help you with your bathroom remodeling ideas.

…or Retro?

The best way to achieve the retro effect is by using wood. Wooden, retro-curved vanities, medicine cabinets and mirror frames. With some amber glass tilework and trumpet-shaped sconces, you can have a great bathroom in retro style. Feel free to add some modern, contemporary elements, like a frameless shower door. Try to find old-style bathroom elements online, there are a huge number of choices.

Oriental StyleIdeas For A Small Bathroom Redesign by

There are quite interesting and stylish Eastern elements that could be implemented into your bathroom design. For example, a floor-to-ceiling Shoji screen can be a great bathroom element, along with an eastern-patterned mirror (placed horizontally). Vanities, with eastern ornaments, can be placed on the walls to give you more floor space. For this purpose, try to find a Japanese stepped chest called kaidantansu. The Eastern design suggests dark and rich colors – dark woods in combination with soft colors are to balance and open the space. Pendant lights, eastern patterned rugs, freestanding tubs and vessel sinks with mosaic ornaments, and ornate wooden mirrors are the finishing touches which infuse the space with oriental atmosphere.

Neutral Appeal

This means giving a spa feel to your small bathroom. Wall-mounted fixtures and a continuous run of tiles will make your bathroom look bigger, while by using natural stone (granite, marble or soapstone) you’ll create a soothing effect. Make strong color pops with accessories – towels, rugs, storage fixtures and such.

There are things to avoid when remodeling a small bathroom. For example, having separate shower and tub will take a lot of space, and is thus impractical, unlike a two-in-one combination. When deciding about bathroom elements, always buy something that saves you space. That’s when you will realize that, despite limited space, there are many interesting ideas and ways of redecorating your small bathroom, and making it look spacious, stylish and luxurious.



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