I want a swimming pool for my yard! What type do I get?

Imagine hot summer days and the possibility of having constant refreshment in your yard and in a form of a swimming pool… amazing, isn’t it! Let’s not mention all the fun you can have by throwing parties by your backyard pool.

There are few major things you should think of before making the decision to actually have one installed. Decide what kind of pool you want according to your budget and according to the size and shape of your backyard. When it comes to pools, it’s so easy to get carried away – just the idea of one in your yard will make your head spinning with excitement, yet this is no reason to lose it and go totally irrational about the type of pool you go with. Here we’ll focus on types of pools that you can choose from. Pool basin construction differentiates types of pools. Every known type has its benefits and weaknesses.

If you want the cheapest and easily movable solution, above-ground pool construction is the perfect solution for you. In many large stores you can find prefabricated kits that can be easily assembled by any amateur including you. Though, hiring professional installers is always a better idea. Part of the backyard where the pool will be placed should be leveled so the pool is on a flat surface. Pool wall is made of different kinds of materials such as metal, plastic or wood. Before it is assembled it has to be supported properly so it can resist the pool water pressure. After the plumbing is laid it’s time to place vinyl liner over the pool walls and secure it and fasten it right. Install water pump and proper filtering system and the pool is ready to be filled with water and ready to use. Even though these kinds of pools aren’t very attractive and are less permanent, the good part is they are easily movable to any new location.image 2 (2)

Most common of in-ground pools are fiberglass pools. After you choose the right size and shape of the pool, fiberglass plastic is molded into a chosen shape. According to the basin shape approximate sized and shaped hole needs to be dug. After laying plumbing and sand filler, fiberglass pool is ready to be laid into the hole and leveled properly. Hook up everything, and fill the hole around the pool, and it is ready to be filled with water. It is common that this type of pool is reinforced with concrete structure on the outside.

Next type of in-ground pools is vinyl-lined in-ground pool. It is the combination of previously mentioned types. First of all, the hole has to be dug in a chosen shape and size. Then, like in above-ground pool, wall (metal, plastic or wooden) is assembled. After the sand is laid along the bottom of the pool and the necessary plumbing is installed, vinyl lining is set to place and is secured to the structural wall. This kind of in-ground pool design is lot cheaper than others, but the main disadvantage is it durability. Vinyl lining has to be replaced from time to time (every 10 years).

More durable type of an in-ground pool is gunite pool. They are quite popular, in spite of their price, because they can be in every shape you can imagine thanks to an applied construction method. After the swimming pool builders dig the hole and have all the necessary plumbing installed, framework grid is assembled. Framework grid is made of steel reinforced rods, also known as rebar, which are at least 3/8-inch thick. Rebar rods are secured together with wire and form pool framework. Structural wall is made of gunite (a dry mix of cement and sand) which is mixed with water and sprayed around the rebar framework. It needs about a week to pass before applying a finishing material which will make the pool walls smooth. Different materials are used for smooth finishing the rough surface of the pool walls, like plaster (mixture of cement and marble sand) or special concrete paint. Pools constructed this way are highly durable.

Similar to gunite pools, are concrete poured pools. The main difference is that instead of spraying, concrete material is poured into conventional wooden frames.

When you think about it, getting a swimming pool for your yard is probably one of the most exciting things you can do for yourself and your family! Whichever option you go for, I’d always suggest hiring swimming pool builders sydney as these people are professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, so there will be no space for mistakes. Good luck!


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