How to pick the right rug for your home

It is quite tricky to find and choose the right area rug that will perfectly complement any room, but choose wrongly and you will have catastrophic disaster in terms of design and style. Moreover, considering the prices that rugs go nowadays, it is better to plan out what you need and what you can get so that you do not spend too much money if you need to by another one.

Choosing the right rug will require precise calculation and wild imagination so that you can really spruce up any room without having to sacrifice overall design or style. However, do not forget that area rugs are extremely practical which is why you should consider them when trying to cover tiles or wooden flooring.

image 3What is your size?

Perhaps the biggest issue when trying to figure out is what size should your rug be , there are many factors to take into consideration, but you will have to first decide on whether you want a rug from wall-to-wall or just to cover a patch in your room. Of course it is best to take measurements so that you know what you have to work with, but you should not forget that you are creating your own style in your home, and you should not confide your room to simple measurements.

Nevertheless, even if you are trying to bring the elements together in a room, it is vital that you think along the line of sizes and shapes. It should be best if you could use rugs which can cover a part of your room so that you can play around with your furniture to create a unique setting that will best suit your room. But do not forget to balance out the areas with and without rugs.

What is your colour?

It is not easy to pick out a colour, especially if you are trying to put together a room, but it is important that you follow an expert guideline for choosing the perfect colour. Remember that the general rule is that you try and fit into your existing design and style of your area, but you are not bordered by it. You however have the chance now to bring fresh colour into any room without disrupting the balance of the design.

Do not however try to mash together too many colourful items and expect to get something wonderful, you should find a few colour schemes which will complement the rooms and work with that. Otherwise you will have a lot of redesigning and redecorating ahead of you.

What is your texture?

When choosing a rug, people usually tend to overlook the texture of it, but it is very important to take into consideration what will the purpose of the rug be. You should look for texture and material which is more resilient if you are planning on having a rug where there will be a lot of people going in and out of the room, dragging dirt and causing wear and tear.image 4

On the other hand, try to look for texture which will go nicely with your furniture and other décor elements in your room. But do not be shy to look for contrast as you will be able to bring some change into any area without disrupting the delicate balance. Furthermore, do not forget that depending on the texture, a rug can be easier and harder to clean and maintain, and take that factor into consideration as well.

Choosing is not easy

Although it might seem like too much to think about when choosing the perfect are rug for your home, it is actually easier; but you still have to pay attention to the small details which could make it harder to choose a rug. Nevertheless, a rug can bring charm and warmth into any area, which is why it is best used in rooms where a lot of people go through so that they can enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the rugs in a room. A fair warning though, you should consider that maintaining rugs will require you to clean it deeply at least once a month to get rid of stubborn dirt.


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