How to Make Your Home Burglarproof

Home is place where you eat, sleep and retreat every day after work to enjoy quiet life with your family. Home is also a place where you and your loved ones feel safe. If that is not the case, the place that your family occupies is not a proper home and some moves have to be made. With increase of poverty that forces people to make desperate moves and number of possible accidents with fatal outcome that can occur during such situations, it seems that urge to reinforce safety of our homes have become stronger than ever. Fortunately, improving home safety doesn’t have to be to too demanding task and it can be pulled even with small tweaks and tricks. Let’s look at some of them.

Use Burglar Habits against ThemHow to Make Your Home Burglarproof by

According to studies, most burglars operate between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. during weekdays, while during weekends they tend to be active over night; logical modus operandi concerning the fact that their primary targets are residential homes and houses that appear unoccupied. You can use this as your advantage though and if you set up your TV or radio to randomly turn on and off during these important hours, or while you are away for the weekend you can significantly discourage burglars from attempting the break. Also, you can schedule home maintenance services like window cleaning or let the neighbor use your driveway while you are away to generate some activity around your house.

Discourage Burglars from Attempting Break-In

Dog is considered to be man’s best friend for the number of reasons; it also deserves that flattering title because it’s burglar’s worst enemy. You see, most burglars will simply give up entering your house after only one minute of failed break attempts. Owning a dog will significantly reduce their chance to succeed and discourage them from ever attempting housebreaking. Even if you are not ready to take responsibility of taking care of the dog, you can still make an effect on robbers by hanging a sign “Beware of dog” (Or something similar – More malicious the better), reinforced with supporting evidence of dog ownership like dog bowl. You can achieve similar outcome with window bars and any other thing that will put a pressure on invaders and make them believe that their chances of successful break-in within a minute are reduced.How to Make Your Home Burglarproof by

Securing the Doors of Your Home

All of the things we mentioned above were aimed towards discouraging thieves, but be sure to make other, more concrete moves. Concerning the fact that front doors are first point of entry majority of burglars will attempt, closely followed by all other doors, we will cover this topic first. For the start doors should be made out of very solid material, like fiberglass, metal or solid wood, and swing outward instead of inward in order to make forced entry harder. Another practice for reinforcing doors Sidney residents, or residents of any other larger city that is more exposed to burglaries, are used to, is installing deadbolt locks with throw bolt at least 2.5 cm long and cylinder guards around lock cylinders. Reinforcing old flimsy plates that surround the lock set and exposed hinges has never been a bad idea either.

Securing the Windows

It is only logical that after attempting to break into your house through doors, burglars will turn to windows, so they should be your next focus point. Due their fragile nature windows are more prone to damage than doors, so reinforcing them with durable materials, like tempered glass which demands a lot of repeated loud striking in order to be broken, should be your starting move. How to Make Your Home Burglarproof by you want safest solution out there, you can even opt for Polycarbonate or Plexiglas windows that are most expensive, but also up to 250 times more impact resistant than ordinary windows. As we mentioned above, window bars are very useful, but not only for the reasons of scarring off burglars but also in preventing them from entering house. Install them at least on the first floor. Finally, window alarms should be last resort that will notify neighbors that something’s wrong and prevent intruders from spending usual 8-12 minutes in broken house.

As we can see safety improving has twofold character: it consists of discouraging break-in attempts and of course in preventing actual break-in. While we would like to say that burglar that never tries to enter your home is the best one, you shouldn’t settle with first option exclusively and you should give equal attention to both possible scenarios, even if second one demands small investments. Your family’s safety is what matters the most.


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