How to Inspire Your Home Office

Having a stay-at-home job is something many people dream of. Although nowadays this is far easier to achieve, what with all the progressive technology available, having a home office still comes as a blessing. In order to pay a tribute to this blessing, as well as keep it and your own self more functional, at least a certain degree of planning has to take place. We’ve gathered up a couple of useful advice for you to create your perfect home office experience, to keep you busy, productive and functional.

How to Inspire Your Home Office by

In order to keep yourself productive, you need to make sure that your home office items are well placed, so as to make the most out of your space. The problem here is that most homeowners think they have hardly any room for an office, let alone a specifically dedicated room for business to take place. Even with a specific home office room, things can easily go awry as you struggle with furniture placement. If such is your case, make sure you do not neglect the fact that even your closet can be turned into a cozy home office. The key here is planning, measuring and fitting.

First of all, think about what can be placed on the walls – shelves and such tend to take up much less space than cupboards and extra drawers.

Secondly, make sure you make the most out of the space under your desk. Now, in no way does this mean that you should stack your things up to uncomfortable levels, but by all means, think about storing at least some items down there.

Thirdly, make sure you leave some extra room – you will start stacking up stuff sooner or later, this is quite reasonable.How to Inspire Your Home Office by

Make Your Surroundings Interesting

Functionality contradicts fun in no way. In fact, these two work perfectly together. Many people neglect the importance of aesthetics and pleasure when it comes to offices; and this is particularly important when your office is located within your home (you do not want to make a part of your home something you dread). Distractions truly are bad in the world of business, but having something to mess around with during breaks is, in fact, a known functionality and productivity booster. For example, think about adding a goofy clock to your working environment, or an interesting USB gadget, like a cup warmer, or a plasma ball.

A poster or two of your favorite bands might not be something you’d put up against an office wall, unless your workspace is located within your home, that is.

Remain Professional

Now, all this aside, you have to be aware that your home office is exactly that – an office. Add too many distractions and you’ll get to see your productivity dwindle.How to Inspire Your Home Office by

What remaining professional also entails is having professional work equipment, such as bright LED lamps, new office desks from Interior Secrets, pen holders and at least a drawer in order to keep the physical clutter away.

Try to refrain from the mess of cable jungles by tagging them appropriately and finding a way to keep them separated and well-placed. Not only will this help you avoid problems when adding or replacing your electronic gear, but it will save you money, by not letting you end up with damaged cables and such. On this note, make sure you always overestimate the length of the cables you buy – this will save you a whole lot of headache.

Maintaining a proper order in your home office is crucial, but making it a boring, gloomy place to dread is far from necessary. Make sure you inspire it by adding a bit of your identity to it and stick with the advice we provided – this is the key to staying productive!


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