How to Increase Your Home Security

There is nothing as important as making sure your loved ones are living in a safe environment where nothing and nobody can harm them. For this reason, when buying a new house or renovating your old one, you should pay attention to the security system it offers or what all can be done in order for the house to become secure in case it wasn’t in the first place.

There are plenty of things you can do to increase your home’s security and make sure your home is a safe environment without having to spend a lot of money.

Think like a burglar

  1. Buddy_Valestro_2No, not in a bad way. And no, don’t go on to rob houses. Just put yourself in a position of a person who would want to rob your home. How would this person break into your home? Study your home, observe weaknesses in its security, think of ways these weaknesses can be repaired and act on it. Are all your doors secured? What about windows? Does your backdoor unlock easily? Do you keep a spare key someplace easily reachable? Think about it.

Lock your doors

The first, logical step of any home securing is to lock your doors. Don’t be tricked by the friendly atmosphere in your neighborhood – sometimes, people you trust the most can turn out to be your worst enemies, plotting things behind your back. I’m not saying that is the case in your neighborhood, I’m just saying you need to watch out and be prepared for any surprises.

If you have grown in a place where doors were always unlocked, that’s sweet but then again, times have so drastically changed. Keep your doors locked and make sure you don’t leave a spare key out in the open.

Lock the windows/ balcony door/backdoor/ garage doors

As we have established in the previous paragraph, locking of doors is of utmost importance for home safety. This too refers to locking any other potential entrance/exit in your home that a burglar may find attractive.

Ground level sliding doors are gorgeous to look but they are also so easy to open from the outside. Any thief will check those first and simply walk into your house without the need to break in. So, secure those doors properly!

Never leave the balcony door unlocked. Naturally, if you are sitting in the house and you can see the door, they can be unlocked, but if you are leaving the house or you are going to sleep, lock them. Balconies are usually the easiest access to burglars.

Garage doors need to be locked too as they provide access into your home. Make sure they are locked properly. If you can afford it, install an alarm system.


Even though most of us have a habit of leaving a spare key someplace close to the door, this is such a wrong habit and it should be red-flagged as soon as possible! Think about it – why would a burglar even bother to break in when he can just unlock the door and let himself in?

If you want to make a copy of the key, place it someplace safe and inform only your closest friends and family members where the copy will be.

Also, you can make individual copies for them instead of leaving the key somewhere in the open.

Fake that you are home

When you are leaving your home, leave the lights, TV, and/or stereo on. Leave a light on in any room in the house. If that’s something that doesn’t seam like a good solution to you, then consider investing in a light timer to automatically turn on lights when needed, that is when you’ve scheduled them to. With the lights on, any thief would hesitate to try and break in.

Get a safe

It doesn’t really matter how much money or valuable stuff you’ve got in your house, the point is you’ve got them and you want to protect it. The best to do is to get a safe as it will help protect important paperwork, cheque books, various valuables, financial statements, etc. Data safes are really reliable and easy to install, deposit or drop safes are also great as are many other you can chose from, according to your needs.

The point of securing your home is to lead a secured life. Do everything in your power to make the environment you live in the safest possible. Also, whenever there is something suspicious going on – inform the police.

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