How to Design the Ideal Home Office

When designing an office it is important to think about the comfort and the practicality of it in order to provide an appropriate productive atmosphere. The office should be the proper shape with plenty of natural light. Here are some ideas about the ideal home office:
Comfort and practicality of the space
The most important thing is to think about the comfort and that means that you should carefully pick out the furniture.
The work desk should be strong and stable with drawer that provides extra support. However, having a desk that is too big is not a good idea because you can easily feel lost while working. Smaller desks are restricting the freedom for having too much paper lying around. If you don’t have much light in your office you should look for light colored desks because they can have good effect on your concentration.
The chair should have a high beck support and nice comfortable armrests. It is recommended that the chair looks like a throne because it has a good influence on our productivity.
The file cabinet and bookcases are welcome in every home office for storing books and some paperwork that are of great importance to your work. 2_h5hmd3
If the office I large enough you can set up  small table with two or three chairs for guests or maybe for organizing some small meetings.
Depending on the type of your business and your activity you can include a large conference table with chairs.
To make the working ambient more productive, soften it with a simple painting on the wall or maybe a sculpture with appropriate motifs.
If you really want your home office to look serious you should add some plants with healthy and round leaves. Avoid pointy plants because they don’t seem to fit in many offices and they can only make you lose your focus.
If you want to cover up the floor to bring up the comfort level you can find a small carpet that will fit beneath your work desk. Avoid colorful carpet and ones that have too many lines on them. It is recommended that you look for a carpet with light and bright colors in order to make you workspace more relaxing.
It is not very good for the interior esthetic if you have a paper cutting machine or a printer near the front door of your office so avoid this situation at all costs.
Things that an office should not have:
Placing a glass table in your office is not a good idea because it can get easily broken or it can hurt someone that is not considerate. Another thing that is not suitable for a home office is that cactus plants which can have bad influence of your concentration. Any plant that has pointy leaves is not adequate for your precious work space. There are a number of thing that shouldn’t be inside of a productive office like the TV. Some people say that they use it for presentations on small meetings but they don’t realize that it is a big distraction. A small projector is a good solution and a laptop instead of a desktop that will use up a lot of space on your desk and distract you from your paperwork.
The position of the desk
When designing a home office the first thing you will do is determine the position of your desk and your new computer chair. You shouldn’t put your desk in a corner or a window because it can make you feel less secure. The worst thing you can do when defining the position of your desk is to turn your back to the front door. If this is something unavoidable, you should place a mirror on the wall in front of your head to have a better view on who is entering the office. When buying new office furniture you should always pay attention to the correlation of the colors. The most important thing is that you write down every idea on the paper and enjoy yourself while making your own design.

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