How to Defend your Home Against Burglaries and Home Invasions

Having your apartment burglarized doesn’t just include the loss of property but the loss of security as well. Anyone who experienced burglary will tell you that it includes uneasiness and fear that will stick long after the crime has been committed. Despite all these facts people still think that burglary won’t happen to them and that they are safe. We need to do everything in our power to prevent such misfortunate events and the least we can do is make the burglar’s job as hard as it can get.

There isn’t a lock that cannot be opened, but the more locks there are the harder it is for burglars to break into your home. The sound of the anti-burglary alarm also makes one of the most crucial elements of a burglar’s worst nightmare. But these are just some of the basic things to keep in mind when defending your home against unwanted visitors. Read on to find out more:

Security has its price

The amount of security you get is directly connected to the amount of money you are looking to invest. One of the best ways to protect your home against burglaries is getting a high quality security door. If you don’t want to replace the door you already have then you can go for some of the many anti-burglary systems that also work well for your home’s safety. These usually include reinforcing your existing front door or getting an alarm system.

Anti-burglary systems

One of the ways to reinforce your front door is getting the so called ”H” system. This is an anti-burglary system of bars that are shaped like the letter ”h” and placed on the inside of the front door. It’s a system similar to the one all security doors already have but it can be bought separately and installed on any ordinary front door.

The crucial element of any door is the cylinder placed inside them. It shouldn’t stick out on either side but be in the middle of the door. Seeing as how burglars usually go for the cylinder to break in, it would be wise to get a reinforced anti-burglary cylinder and install it in your front door. Steel is the best material when it comes to these cylinders as it is most resistant to drills and other burglary tools.

Even though mechanical protection of your doors and windows forms the basis of all security systems we shouldn’t forget the importance of alarms. Getting an alarm system is always wise, even though the protection it gives is only based on noise that notifies an intrusion. However, its main function is to demoralize the potential intruder from attempting a burglary in the first place.

Keep in mind that you can always rely on your neighbors for help, especially if you are good friends with them. They can keep an eye on your home when you are away or hold on to your valuables.

Doors and locks

Security doors are very expensive. If you can’t afford one, you can still get a better lock. Choose one that has a bolt resistant to bending and breaking, and a cylinder that can’t be drilled. If you have a decorative rosette on the outside of your door, it should be at least 10 millimeters thick. Some other door types to consider are French doors, gliding doors, timber doors and many others.

Choose your home’s location after thorough research

The location of your home affects security in a big way, so pick a home in the best neighborhood that fits your budget.

Security-camera-signUse web resources like Wikipedia or for the latest data and some guidance on neighborhoods. Contact the city police department or the mayor’s office for neighborhood crime statistics. Also, visit the neighborhood, speak to local business owners, ask neighbors about crime, watch for signs of break-ins. If you find alarm company signs or barred windows, it may be a sign the neighborhood is troubled.

Be smart

Never get too comfortable even in a friendly community – always keep your doors locked with the existing locks. Have a rule in the house about not opening the door to strangers. Make it a nightly routine to check all the locks. Shut your garage door with the automatic opener before your exit your car after getting home. Keep an eye on workmen in your home; watch out for missing items or windows or doors left unlocked for a break-in. Have a family discussion on what to do in case of a break-in.

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