How to Choose Colors Paint For Your House

There is no denial that home decor could be an all-consuming task for you, however the results are usually worth the time and energy which you put consistently into the completion if this vital task. The pleasure of living in your beautiful and cozy haven of tranquility is way deeper to let you even think about the time consuming efforts of the past. Therefore, it is imperative for you to know how to pick just the right shades of colors for your house which would be also in sync aesthetically.

What You Might not Know About Colors

  • Another word for color is hue
  • The study of colors is called Chromatology
  • The paint colors of your house affect your being psychologically and emotionally
  • Colors can actually create illusions of increased or decreased spaces
  • Colors impact your creativity and energy levels, also your appetite!
  • Color Wheels are an effective way to choose your paint and every color has a temperature. The colors on the left side of the wheel are cool (shades of blue and green) and the right sided colors are warm(shades of red, yellow and orange)
  • Color Psychology is extensively considered while building offices of major organizations and houses of leading professionals.

– Consider Painting Your Room According To Its Size

The rooms which are spacious tend to appear spacy and elusive when painted with milder colors like pastel greens, yellows, baby blues and pinks. You must choose richer and earthy shades like brick red, orange, chrome yellow and forest green to paint the walls. Also, you could use double shades in a room, by painting the three walls with a lighter tone and then filling up the fourth with a rich shade. For a tiny room, choose softer shades so that it looks spacious and clutter free. If you would use darker colors in tiny places, they would look cloistered.

– Paint Texture Should Support Wall Decals

Wall decals are like wall tattoos which are put on the walls for decorating the room and giving it a particular theme or pasting a quotation on the wall. However, if the walls are not completely smooth on the surface then wall decals usually do not work that well. Hence, while buying colors, choose the ones which give a smooth and nice finish to the walls. Wall decals are used to create wild, domestic, classy and maverick themes.

– Choose Colors That Flow With the Rooms

Sometimes when you walk into a room, its interiors and colors of its walls would immediately give an idea how the next room would look like, or how the entire house would appear for that matter.  For example- if you enter the living room of a house which is painted with beige color and has been embellished by some wooden furniture and decorative pieces, you would mostly guess that the bedroom would be in the shades of peach and kitchen in the shades of green. And this is what is known as achieving color harmony. So keep that mind while choosing colors.

– Learn What Type of Finish Is Required Where

When one particular color is used on walls and but is applied in different finishes, it changes the significance if the room. To put it simply, the wall and trim colors can have the same color, though keep the walls to a matte finish which is less reflective and a satin or semi-gloss finish on the trim. The rooms having too many windows and doors and little wall area might require a bit cohesive look. Therefore, such type of finish would give a deeper significance to those rooms with comparatively lesser wall surface area.

– Monochromatic Schemes For Quieter Ambience

If you are the one with “let sleeping dogs lie” and“why invite trouble “philosophy, then probably you would want to give a quieter look to your house. In order to create a calm ambience, use the tones of beige, white, off white, silver and steel grey. Also use a monochromatic color scheme which means that one room is colored in only one shade or sometimes the entire house is painted in one single color, while the furniture is selected in a different tone (which also remains single).

– Pick Colors For Decorative Finish

The rooms which have flat walls which make the room look dull and weary, consider adding some depth to those rooms by giving it a decorative finish. Dramatic visual texture and broken color scheme is a brilliantly creative way to provide depth to those flat walls as well as creating interesting personal spaces for the members of the family. Layered colored glazes and burnished mineral or may be metal finishes provide a sharp depth to the room. You could bring metals like mica, copper, pewter, bronze antiqued silver and gold into use as they are softly reflective in nature.

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