How to Choose Color for Dream Bedroom Bedding

West or east, home is the best. Happy, warm, harmonious home is the dream and target of people. How to decorate our home is very important. We have the experience that the bedding we saw in emporium is beautiful, but the effect does not good when we bring it home. This is because we do not choose bedding according to the color collocation of our dream bedrooms. Here are some classic color collocation methods for you:

Color collocation of light with dark: when the main color of your dream bedroom is light, such as white, light color bedding will make your bedroom feel pale, ordinary and have no sense of color. On the contrary, dark or bright color bedding such as chocolate, purple, green, yellow will make your space full of vitality. The collocation of light and dark color gives people strong visual impact. So when your dream bedroom have dark color as its main tone, light or bright color like white, pink, red and yellow goes well with it. The space will feel depressing if you use dark color bedding.

Color collocation method of similar color: it means choose bedding with similar color to the main color of bedroom. For example, when the main color of your dream bedroom is purple, white bedding with few purple decoration patterns is good choice. There would be no layering if you use bedding in large area purple.

Collocation method of matching complex with simple: if the decoration style of bedroom is complex, concise and elegant bedding goes well with it, or the space will be disorderly and unsystematic.

The intensity of lighting: light intensity is the factor that people often neglect. Avoid using dark color bedding in bedroom with dark light.

The relationship of whole and part: the main color of bedroom is whole, bedding color is part. A guest cannot usurp the host’s role. So does the bedding.

There should be primary and secondary in bedroom color collocation:  bedding color only plays the role of embellishing.

Take all the elements in bedroom into consideration: all the elements in dream bedroom – wall, furniture, floor, and bedding – should be considered. They should be in consistent.

We all know that color has the function of mood adjustment. We should choose color according to our actually needs.

Green and purple is good to soothe the nerves and relax people. Patient with phobia and schizophrenia can choose the two colors.

Light saffron yellow, blue and pink can make people exciting, happy and full of hope. Depression and anxiety disorder patient can choose them.

Cyan is good to produce sleepiness. It suit for those insomniac.

Besides, warm color bedding with thicker fabric suit to use in winter and autumn for the decrease of temperature.

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