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It’s not easy to blog about something like removals, man and a van companies, relocation, and furniture selling etc, while keeping things entertaining as well as useful. But if you’re thinking about doing it, the best approach – which is used as a staple in nearly any type of written art and or entertainment – is to say things exactly how you see them, and most importantly with your own voice. Common stumbling blocks in blogging about almost any subject are a) not attracting enough viewers from a lack of SEO knowledge, b) not knowing your market, and c) – a rather sly one: trying too hard. So, bearing that in mind, let’s take a quick look and see if we can’t improve the style of our written content…

1) Know your subject area
The main reason for this blog is to talk about something pragmatic, in regards to a subject many of us know is less than a sensationalist topic, but none the less, is a staple part of everyone’s life. Things like cheap removals, removal services, and moving checklists are things that we are familiar with, so, it’s key to get to the ‘requirement’ of your blog quickly, whether it be of an informational nature and or reflective of your own endeavours. The best way to do this is to be as direct as possible with everything. Clearly state the blogs ‘reason’ in the title, and why the visitor is going to look at it. Then, start to think about the all important factor of ‘your own personal style’ – which by the way is the only thing that will keep you motivated to maintain your blog! – As well as including the important facts to help the visitor.

2) Don’t recycle the same ideas
When it comes to blogs about things like cheap removals, movers – and journeys of almost any type – the key factor of your blog must be that you are sharing usable information as well as your own reflections. They go hand in hand, and are the main stay of the organic world of good quality blogging. One thing we can ask when blogging about such things is the question: would you keep your friends entertained if you spoke about the subject area in this way? The mixed market of blogging has to be considered of course, as you will also never meet many of the people that visit, but, the idea of ‘writing as you speak’ is one that will help the readability and tone of your post. The great thing about this mode of thought is that it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, the blog can be about removal companies – movers in general of any kind! – Just stick to style that is easily knowable (and maybe with a little kick…!)

3) Be honest
The main thing that turns people away from many blogs about stressful things like removals and relocation etc, is that they can tell that they are not ‘genuine’, this is especially so for blogs with links to businesses and corporations. It’s exactly the same as what we want from customer care advisor’s over the phone. The instant we are requested to start hitting buttons from a robot voice, the annoyance begins, and is only compounded by the relaxed and sterile voice telling us to do so! However, the most progressive of businesses, services, groups, etc put a lot of effort into who you hear at the end of their phone; your blog should be the same! Except that you’re the boss/worker/receptionist rolled into one of course…

4) Connectivity
The idea of connecting blogs on any topic, whether it be about your specific removal process, or who did or didn’t provide a good service, through links, communication, and web activity is now moving into the phase of technological ‘synergy’, where the blog itself can have links to all parts of your life – as well as even create some income for you, if done well enough. So we are left with the many opportunities that are available from blogging about any topic, those personal, creative, businesses orientated etc. The most important thing is try and also include in your blogging endeavours a plan that helps them all fit together. The technical know-how to do such things is as easily reachable by searching for it, and can even add a spark of interest to subjects that we didn’t previously know could be interesting!

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