How to Be Mosquito-Free In And Around Your House

You are out in the garden enjoying your evening coffee with loved ones and a sudden surge of pain and inflammation is inflicted on your skin! If your home and yard are infested by the monstrous and stingy mosquito’s, it comes as no surprise that you have got bitten by these while you were gladly enjoying your gala time with family. Mosquito’s are a cause of menace for more than one reason. They cause rashes and itching on the skin, much to your discomfort and give you those ugly scars just which make you shy away from public gatherings. Also, mosquitoes are notoriously known to be the cause of various perilous diseases, some of which could be mortifying. For keeping your home and yard free from mosquitoes and insects, it is important that you limit the breeding mosquitoes as well as the adult ones which usually rest on vegetation in the garden, especially tall trees. Here are some tips given as to how to control mosquitoes .


Refresh Water Every Two Weeks

If there are spots in and around your house or in the garden or yard, which hold water (mainly stagnant water) then it is imperative that those are well maintained.  This means change water in the bird baths every week, before mosquitoes make it a place for their breeding. Water which gets accumulated in pits also attract a vast number of mosquitoes so get them cleaned and if some water containers must be maintained, change the water in it every week. Before filling in the fresh water, make sure to clean the bottom and sides of the same.

Keep Swimming Pools Clean


If you have a swimming pool  in your garden or near it, it is essential that your keep the pool water properly cleansed and well chlorinated. Make it a point to clean the filters and the strainer baskets to make sure there is no dirty or stale water in the pool as that attracts maximum number of mosquitoes and they very conveniently make such places their habitats. Also, change the water of the pool every ten days to avoid germ build up and get the walls and bottom of the pool properly brushed up. Cleanliness repels mosquitoes therefore keep the potentially infested areas as clean as possible.

Keep drains Unclogged


Your house must have an efficient drainage system so that the water circulation could run properly within the house and the waste is also disposed off safely. Leaking taps or drains lead to unnecessary water accumulation in the particular area and since the leaked water is already impure, it leads to an ideal home for mosquitoes to breed and multiply. Also, poor drainage system clogs the gutters which obstruct the other waste to flow from the passage, increasing germ and infection build up.  Hire professionals to help you with residential plumbing  and get leaking taps, drains or clogged gutters fixed so that it does not contaminate the other areas of your house.

Maintain Hygiene Within The House


You cannot expect the mosquitoes to stay away from your house when you are casual or rather lazy about its mopping, dusting and cleaning regularly. Dust off the piles of books which have not been rearranged in weeks and the bookshelf which is accumulating more and more dirt with every passing day. Also, keep your washrooms clean, regularly clean and disinfect the toilets and avoid stocking of useless things like cans, brushes, bottles, wires etc  which are no longer in use. Empty the dog bowls and plant dishes and clean them on a regular basis. The container lids or anything that holds even small amounts of water must be checked and kept dry and clean.

Use Mesh Nets On The Windows and Doors


An effective way to keep the mosquitoes outside the house is to cover the windows and doors with mosquito mesh nets. These are closely knitted nets which allow air to pass through its holes; however the mosquitoes cannot pass through the same. It is an effective way to keep the air circulation of the house in tact as well as give you relief from the swarms of mosquitoes which attack your house after sundown.

Keep the Food Items Covered


Avoid leaving that leftover sandwich in the plate for too long, and that too uncovered, use a net basket to cover the fruits and vegetables in your house and refrigerate most of the food items which would protect them from the mosquitoes and bugs. Things such as uncovered milk, juices, leafy vegetables and others attract mosquitoes to rest on them largely, so keep food items covered. Do not store food items for long without preserving them properly like jellies, pickles etc as in no time would you see those nasty and stingy creatures flocking around the jars and bottles containing the same.

Use Mosquito Repellents


Repellents which contain DEET are especially effective in warding off mosquitoes for your house as well as yard. Spray the repellent before the sun goes down, as dusk time and night attracts the maximum number of mosquitoes. The chemicals which are present in the spray are effective in keeping them away as the smell of the spray turns them off is also fatal for them. However, buy the ones which are not very harmful for your health as these repellent could take a toll on your respiratory systems.

Do Not Use Colors Which Attract Mosquitoes

It is a proven fact that mosquitoes are attracted towards dark colors like black, navy blue, dark brown and rich purple & maroon while the lighter shades like white, baby pink, ice blue, sea green and others repel them. Therefore, during evening wear light colored clothes if you are going outside or even if you are just going to your garden to have a nice chat with family or just a plain walk, wear lighter shades and go.

Natural Repellents Are Effective


Your house and garden could be benefited by using some natural mosquito repellents like citronella, catnip, rosemary and marigolds and others. Within your house, you could sprinkle lemon oil and you can also apply it on your body as its smell turns off the mosquitoes and they do not come near you. It is especially effective if you are going outdoors.

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