Great Tips for Before You Move Into Your New Home

The greatest burden of moving is related to the packing process which usually has more impact on women. Stress appears because families suddenly realize how difficult it is to pack various thing that they gained over years. However, experiences of many people have formed some rules that can make this task whole lot easier.

Moving furniture generally takes a few days and the biggest question comes down what goes first. By placing boxes in a particular order close to the entrance, you can significantly speed up the process. This way your family members won’t have to deal with avoiding boxes on their way out.

You probably already know that you should secure a lot of fragile things in order to avoid any damage. This means that you should collect a lot of newspaper before you start packing everything. Of course, don’t forget to collect enough boxes and make sure they are secured with some extra tape. Put all fragile boxes in one corner of the room and write ”WARNING! Fragile!” on the side of the box.


If possible, you should clean your curtains and hang them as soon as you arrive to your new home. This detail will immediately create a warm environment and make you feel comfortable. Leave the fragile boxes for the very end in order to secure them correctly. Pack your books in smaller boxes otherwise they will be hard to carry. Disassemble the bed frames and cabinets and place them near the entrance because they are the first thing you want to move. Pay special attention to the pictures and mirrors by securing them with newspaper, duct tape and bubble wrap in order to provide safe transportation. You can also wrap them with some old pieces of clothing or with some thicker fabrics. Roll the carpets, tie them with some rope and leave them in the corner of the room.

Do not start the moving preparations too soon because you may also experience headaches this way. By starting too soon you will constantly become frustrated by the boxes that surround you every day. This can make you pack things that you may need in the meantime so it wouldn’t be comfortable to unpack a wrapped box. This is an ideal opportunity to get rid of some things that have been piling up in your basement for ages. You can hire someone to take care of your junk and make your job a lot easier. This can even include some old pieces of furniture, old washing machines, clothes, wooden objects or even metal objects. The easiest way to get rid of things you do not need is by using junk removal services.

Find boxes with double walls for your clothes in order to avoid wrinkling them during transportation. Look for boxes with compartments in order to transport dishes safer and a lot more easier. If you do not have boxes with comportments you can make them out of several smaller boxes and duct tape. Use standard boxes for stuff like books, appliances, shoes and other things. It is a good idea to look for special boxes with lids for important documents and archives. You can also use these boxes for packing other decorative household items.

Stretch wrap is another useful item that you can use for packing and ensuring the safety of your boxes. It is especially useful for irregular shaped items in order to fit them nicely inside of a box. Bubble wrap is the best choice for fragile items because it is filled with air bubbles that prevent items from getting damaged or some polystyrene pieces that you can fit in between fragile objects. Polystyrene pieces are easy to find and they are not that expensive but if you can’t find them you can always use newspaper.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun while you run into some forgotten photographs, postcards and other objects that bring back good memories. Don’t forget to label every box with the recognizable symbols or signs which will make the unpacking process a lot easier. The first thing you should move are the kitchen elements and some dishes as well as some cooking pots. You will also need some toilet paper, soup and perhaps some food and toys for your children.


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