Fire Pits: Bringing Warmth to Your Backyard

A powerful looking fire pit is a magnet for friends and family gatherings, but it’s also a functional element for the dinners and impromptu barbeques in the winter and summer time alike. Whether you have or have not entirely made your mind about acquirement of a fire pit, we are here to smoothly guide you through. We shall present you with the main aspects to consider in the whole process which include selection of the perfect spot, safety measures and style, among others.

Where to start

There are few basic things to go through prior to fire pit purchase:

Movable or fixed?

If portability is your primary concern and you can’t afford to spend a lot of money, mobile model is the one for you.

  • Firing agents or wood fuel? The pit you choose to buy or construct can run on wooden or gas resources, so it’s a matter of your individual inclinations. However, wood burning demands adequate ventilation conditions.
  • What about material? The selected material will undoubtedly influence the layout and sturdiness of your firing station. The traits to look out for are heat holding, rust resilience and overall design.

The legal side of it

We cannot neglect that fire is a mighty element, so it makes sense that everything connected to its use has to be regulated by law. Most of communities have their own specific directions, so it’s recommendable you consult with the local authorities before you install a fire pit.

The suitable placement

It is necessary that you have a carefully devised plan related to the location of the pit before getting down to construction works. The spot should be at minimum of 10ft distance from the property. Secondly, a 6ft radius around it should be enough for the visitors and owners to lounge safely by the pit. Also, it would be nice to direct it towards the house windows and create an awesome view.

Another thing to take into account is the position of the fire pit with regard to the wind. The last thing you want is pieces of cinder on your plate and heavy smoke clouds constantly coming your way.

The solid base

Complimentary to the spot settlement is the possession of a suitable base. This should be a nonreactive layer made of stone, brick or crushed rock. Ensure you don’t place it on wooden patio or deck as it can catch fire from flame particles. Of course, the grass surface is also out of question.

Stone vs. wood

Considering the fire pits are often not dedicated to one person alone but usually to the whole family, try to make it comfortable and enjoyable for them as well. Cherry wood has an outstanding scent and doesn’t produce sparks like the most of softwood options. Note that pressed wood is off limits as their smoke is toxic.

The gas kinds require fire glass or the so-called, lava rocks. The stones laying around your block or town, especially the ones near bodies of water are prohibited as they can explode due to the presence of water.

The old and the new

The old-fashioned wood-consuming pits are to be ignited with simple matches, tinder and old paper. Stay away from the inflammable fluids since they will flare up and dispatch hazardous substances. If you happen to make that mistake and your old flame cannot be resuscitated, perhaps it’s time to look out for contemporary fire pits for sale that equally accommodate your needs concerned with design and functionality.

DIY project ideas

If you have the expertise and the time on your hands, you should consider making one of these:

  • The Iron Man inspired construction with the movable cover is a great for jacket potatoes and impressing your geeky friends. The colour of the lid should differ from the rest to mimic the original movie armour.
  • The Death Star modelled pit is probably the coolest design I’ve seen recently and it looks amazing in the evenings. Star Wars fans would definitely love this one!
  • Last but one is the Lord of the Rings themed firing station with the gaps in the shape of infamous inscription from THE ring. Once you light it, the letter come alive like in the story.
  • Another LoTR appearance had to make this list since this one is too awesome to miss: The Witch King head. You can make it from scrap pieces of metal and add an element of sustainability to the project.

Taking precaution is a must

There are a few things you can take care of to secure yourself a relaxing chillout by the fire without worrying much about the possible mishaps later. If by any chance you haven’t received a matching cover for your fire pit, invest in obtaining one that would screen you from wandering ash and ember particles.

Finally, the maintenance requirements rise with the heightened use of the pit. For the fixed burning pits that means securing a proper, moist-free drainage network. The mentioned cover is also suited to protect the fire pit itself from the weather impact and ensure a lengthy operational life. In the meantime, perform standard check-ups, remove ashes and other waste, and clean it with a metal sweeper, water and soap.

The beauty of fire pits in not so much in its design and composition, but in the power to connect people.

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