Features of Eco Homes

We as a responsible citizen have a role to play. We need to contribute by caring for environment. And this can be practiced if one saves energy by using the fossil fuels in minimum amount. One may have the tendency to live in zero energy homes.

Today we have felt the need of eco homes. The homes which are in complete harmony to the environment and surroundings. These homes are energy efficient. They consume fossil fuels very less and are also christened as zero energy homes.

The question now arises about the definition of a model eco-friendly kit home!

The eco-friendly kit homes are the homes which have the passive solar system installed in them. In this way they use sunlight to the fullest extent. Some eco-friendly kit homes allow the natural sunlight to come in from the large windows. Others have a provision of a deck which provide shade in summer season. Air is piped under the flooring that provides warm air during winter and cools the interiors during the summer season, also known as passive ventilation system. When one uses the natural sunlight for its power means one saves a lot of energy which leads to reduction of electricity bills.

One can have eco-friendly kit homes that are well insulated. These homes are hot in winter and cool in summers as the walls of these homes have a layer of inert gases. The windows in these homes generally have two or more than two panes. These window panes follow the high standard of insulation. Well insulated roofs of these eco-friendly homes have proved energy efficient to a large extent.

There is a provision for collecting rain water in these eco-friendly homes. Normally the rain water goes into the drains but by collecting this rain water one can utilize it for purposes like bathing, cleaning, watering and washing the dishes. One can save more money if he has the system of converting this rain water into potable water. Various technologies are used in Australia now days that can recycle the used water for various purposes. In this way used water as well as rain water can be used for human use and human consumption in eco-friendly kit homes.

Alternative sources like wind energy, water power and biomass energy is being practiced in eco-friendly kit homes which save a lot of money that used to go in the form of commercial electric consumption. House holds are using solar panels for the power alternatively. Eco-friendly homes, if are located in the areas with strong winds, are generally getting installed mini turbines which convert wind energy into electrical energy.

We have seen that most eco homes are automated too. This is very advantageous as it allows the homeowners to monitor important features of the home, such as security, smoke detection, even its energy consumption. They are able to check the consumption any time and get the idea how to reduce and manage energy costs.

The paints that are used in eco-homes are not volatile and remain intact with the surface for a longer period of time. The paints are not a threat to the health of home occupants. The electrical appliances and furnishings which are installed in eco-friendly homes are energy-efficient and have the facilities such as dual flush lights and energy saving light bulbs. Moreover, these appliances are certified with Energy Star accreditation.

All these features can be installed into a model eco-friendly kit home. One needs to understand the need of it as the fossil fuels are getting depleted at an alarming rate one has to contribute a little on his part to give a better future for the next generation.

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