Decoration Tips for Baby’s Room

Baby crib
Guard bar is key for protecting baby from fall down from crib. When the height of guard bar is lower than two thirds of baby’s height, the risk of falling down from crib is very high.
Try to choose crib with columniform guard bar and the gap between bars should be less than 6 cm – in order to prevent the head of baby been clamped in guard bar. Some mum prefers crib with complicated pattern and embellish. It is unsafe for kids. Raised embellish may hook the clothes of baby. Baby may be hurt when struggle.
Baby likes to bite things when they are grow tooth, therefore protector should be installed on the bar on crib. Make sure there is no hazardous substance in crib made of metal material.
For crib can adjust height, there should be equipment that can prevent baby adjust the height by themselves.
Mattress should be at least 25 cm in height. There should be no gap between mattress and bed frame – it can prevent baby put their hand in it. Cotton covered mattress or palm filled mattress is recommended. Mattress for baby is better to be hard. Soft mattress will lead to deformation of baby’s spine.
Generally speaking, the width of baby pillow should be equal to the length of baby and the length of pillow must be same with baby’s shoulder width. 3 cm to 4 cm is proper thickness for pillow. If the pillow is too large and too soft, baby may have asphyxia when lie in prone posture. The pillow cover and filling must have good breathability and can absorb sweat. Check methods for choosing pillow core and pillowcase for baby.
Quit cover is better to be light colored and made of cotton. The size of quit must made according to the height of baby. Quit will be too heavy for baby if it is too long and large. It is also inconvenient for mum to embrace baby. Quit in improper size also will cause asphyxia when baby turn around. Quit longer 20 cm to 30 cm than baby’s height is the best choice.
Most of the time baby is lie in crib. They stare at ceiling when they are awake, so parents can paint ceiling in bright color and novel pattern to attract baby’s attention. Paint the ceiling one month previous living in it – this is for releasing hazardous substance and odor of paint.
Avoid use stone flooring in kid’s room. Babies are active and want to walk around, stone flooring may hurt them when they fall down. Plastic flooring is also unsafe to baby for it may release volatile organic matter that is harmful to baby’s health. Laminate flooring that is easy to clean and cork flooring are recommended.
Before paving carpet, parents should make full preparation. When the ground is too smooth, lining is necessary for preventing the sliding of carpet. Fix the corners of carpet after paved. Clean the carpet in fixed time to get rid of bacteria and acarid.
The wall paint used in baby’s room must be eco-friendly. Water-soluble paint is preferred though it is expensive than common paint. Avoid choose paint in bright color. The content of heavy metal substance in paint with bright color is relatively high than in light colored paint. The heavy metal substance may cause lead and mercury poisoning of baby.
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