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It is totally amazing how just a little bit of change can make you feel entirely different about your home. Surely, everybody would like to have the means and the money to remodel their home from time to time, but that is not necessary if you have imagination and you are ready to consider a couple of cool things you can do from time to time to freshen up the place. All you need is a budget, a pair of golden hands and some time to make this redecorating task completely enjoyable.

Look through magazines for fresh design ideas

This can be a great source of ideas for your room. After seeing few things you like you can start checking prices on line and see if they fit your budget. The good thing is that most of ideas are a DIY as well so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the home look you want.

De-cluttering and Cleaning

This is not the most creative and the most glamorous of all the ways to make your place look different. However, it is the cheapest way and the best way to start. By removing all the details, decorations, unnecessary things and everything on your way, you will be able to see the space of your home in entirely different light. Also, cleaning it up will make the windows and doors shine in their true light and you will be able to see what needs to be refurbished and what can stay the way it is.

Use baskets as a hidden storage

Improving old baskets with, for example, ribbons or just paining them in the matching color can give you free space to store things around the house. You can also give them a vintage style and make them the perfect room accessories.


When you think about textiles, think cushions, drapes, rugs and the like. You can make a lot of it yourself. A very interesting way to make new and unique drapes is to use rope and knit it with your fingers, or tie it just like a basketball net is tied. In that way, you will get a very interesting curtain that you can use as curtain for your kitchen or even on your windows. If you can saw, you can do wonders with fabrics that you can buy


Pick a color pattern of two or three colors and use it to paint the walls yourself, choose the textiles and pick the details. You don’t have to buy new ones, just take all the little things and old things from those memory boxes and take out those that match your color pattern. You can always make a painting or a photo in those colors yourself. Even a glass bowl or jar full of marbles, stones or even legos in those colors will seem interesting and fun.


One of the cheapest ways to have all those details is to see what you can do and make out of all those promotional material that you get all the time. A very nice detail in your kitchen could be a simple shelf that you can easily install yourself, and on it, you can place all the mugs that you got over the years. Arrange them by colors, for example, or use them as vases or even pots for cactuses. This is very cheap and quite effective. All you need is some good will and a few extra minutes.

Don’t do “the catalog look”

The best thing you can do is personalize your space. Give it something that looks like you – a specific color or a detail. New sofa or framed painting that was painted by your child is a great way to give your room personality.

Multi-purpose furniture pieces

This is a great solution when you are dealing with a small space. Ottoman/storage/coffee table unit combination will save you space and give the best functionality to your room.

If you are good with paint and brushes, your options for decorations are unlimited. Just let your imagination take over and ask somebody that you trust for their opinion. They will give you a fresh perspective.

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