Creating the Perfect Family Room

With the exception of the kitchen, perhaps no other room in the home is enjoyed more by the entire family than the “family room.” It’s a social gathering spot where movies or sporting events are enjoyed, where friends are entertained, and where we simply relax and unwind together.

It’s a room we associate with relaxation and comfort. Appropriately named, the family room is just that. It’s to be enjoyed by the entire family and therefore should appeal to all family members. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating the perfect family room for your home.

Choose a Color of Contentment

Since the family room is directly associated with comfort and relaxation, colors should be selected that are more calming to the body and mind. Choose neutrals and earth tones such as cream, tan or light brown. Soft shades of green would also make a great choice.

This room is for your family and should reflect your personalities and interests. If bright blue is the family favorite, then go for it! Choose colors that appeal to you and represent comfort and contentment.

Below Those Feet

Although there are a few factors to consider when selecting flooring options for your family room, this is also a matter of personal preference. Deciding in advance on a particular theme may help make this decision easier. Hardwood floors are a great option. They are timeless in appeal, durable and easy to clean. They’re perfect in a home where allergies are a concern. Consider finding a throw rug to accent your décor and protect high traffic areas. If cost is a concern, there are beautiful bamboo or laminate flooring options available that offer a similar effect.

Wall-to-wall carpet is also a favorite in family room design, particularly if the room is located on a lower level with cooler temperatures. It adds warmth and coziness to your room with little effort. If young kids are in the home or your family room gets heavy foot traffic, it may be wise to choose a higher-grade carpet in a shade that disguises slight discolorations from shoes or spills.

Light it Up Lightly

Overhead lighting can be distracting and a bit loud in a room designed around comfort. If you must use overhead lighting, recessed lights on dimmers can be adjusted for the occasion. Use table and floor lamps in abundance to emanate a soft, warm glow.

Finding Furniture to Fit the Family

Bearing in mind that this is your family room and not a formal living room, choose furniture that is comfortable and sufficient to seat the entire family. Select a sectional couch, or consider a couch/love seat ensemble accented with some sort of coffee table and end tables that add style while serving a purpose. Bookshelves, sofa tables and cabinets or armoires make nice additions and are great places to display family reading material and personal items such as family photos or memoirs.

Personality Accents

Now it’s time to personalize your family room with décor that suits your taste and shows off your interests. Add framed photo collages or individual framed photos of special family memories such as school pictures, vacations or holidays. Display reading material that the family enjoys in a decorative manner.

Cozy your room up with candles or bowls of scented potpourri to inspire your senses. Add cozy throw blankets and pillows that compliment your color scheme and provide comfort and relaxation. Decorative baskets work well on shelving or under tables and also help maintain organization.

Consider keeping it simple with one or two pieces of your favorite wall art complemented with an oversized vase filled with flowers.

The sky is the limit when it comes to family room décor. Keep its intended purpose in mind and refer to these tips to create the perfect space for your entire family to enjoy.

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