Creating the DIY Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands offer additional work and storage space, but they can also serve as social hubs due to their central location and unobstructed sides. They naturally become a place of gathering and conversation.

Let’s explore some easy and affordable do-it-yourself ways to incorporate an island into your kitchen.

A Contemporary Kitchen Island

For an immediate contemporary kitchen island, consider utilizing a stainless steel or chrome utility or serving cart. Many of them come with underneath shelving or drawers, which is great for additional storage. Most also come equipped with wheels, which really come in handy when space is limited.

Traditional Island Ideas

Find or create a large butcher block to utilize as your kitchen island. Feel fortunate if you find an old, previously used original, or consider purchasing a rolling cart or buffet with a butcher-block top. They come in just about any shape, size or color, so they can work well in a variety of kitchen spaces. Depending on personal needs or desires, many come equipped with shelves, drawers, hanging hooks or even built-in wine racks. Add barstools for additional seating options.

Rustic DIY Kitchen Island Ideas

If you’re skilled in carpentry, you can construct a rustic island out of weathered wood. Or, shop flea markets or antique shops for vintage buffets or antique workshop shelving that can be cut to an appropriate working height. Lightly refurbish the shelving if necessary, carefully preserving the rustic look and feel. This particular type of shelving works great in kitchens that can more easily accommodate rectangular islands. Consider installing hooks directly underneath the top shelf for hanging pots or other utensils. Baskets can also be utilized on the shelving to store bulky items or things that need to be readily accessible. These options also preserve precious cabinet and countertop space.

Think Outside the Box – Refurbish and Reuse

Consider refurbishing a piece of your old furniture, or utilize your creative imagination when seeking out pieces at thrift stores that can be modified to serve as your new kitchen island.

One option is to use an old console table. They tend to be a great working height and usually come equipped with drawer storage and shelving. There is usually more than adequate space beneath to hang hooks for pots and pans or to add more shelving. Add a workable surface and you’re done!

Old desks or dressers can be easily modified to make an efficient yet eclectic kitchen island. Add an appropriate workable surface such as a butcher block or slab of granite, wood, tile or anything you prefer to match or contrast nicely with your existing countertops. Drawers and hardware can either be left as they are or removed to create the look of open shelving. Try and find some vintage stools and collectively refurbish these treasures to create your one-of-a-kind island that also compliments your existing kitchen theme.

First and foremost, establish what features of the island you feel your kitchen needs while also bearing in mind personal taste and theme. With a little creativity and a bit of work, anyone can create a unique DIY kitchen island that fits their space.

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