Creating an Outdoor Oasis is Easier than You Think

It is a well-known fact that man is most in peace with himself when he is completely surrounded by nature. It may be something primeval in man, something that has always been there, even before the birth of very first civilizations on Earth. However, in this era of concrete, steel and glass, we as a species, were never more alienated from the very essence of nature than we are now. So, with this in mind, instead of lamenting for the lost natural paradise, why not take the matter into your own hands and create your own little natural oasis in your own back yard?

Interior Expansion

There is no better way to create a natural vibe around this little oasis of yours, than to present it as a natural expansion of your interior. Experiment with your porch design and you may as well achieve this goal with no trouble whatsoever. Border it with elegant and classy columns in order to achieve at the same time both the effect of it being a real room and the effect of it being one with the outdoors. Apart from serving as a nice backdrop for your furniture, this solution will present you with a great view and all the privileges of being in the open air.

Porch Living Room

First thing you need to do in order to create a proper living room out of your oasis of nature/patio is to properly equip it. Select items and object that will fit, both practically and stylistically, into this new and interesting environment. In order to find what you need, you can even look for outdoor furniture online in search of the perfect pieces for your dreamy outdoor setting.

However, it is not all about simply making your mind for the kind of furniture that you would like to have on your porch. How you arrange it is almost as important. For example, if your porch is narrow, it might be the best solution for you to arrange your seating in a cluster, facing the outside, but if the space on your porch is in abundance it might be best for you to create an open and inviting environment out of it, by making a circular seating arrangement.

Genuine Outdoor Kitchen

Although outdoor cooking is usually something that is reserved only for porch parties and major holidays, it does not always have to be so. Instead of resorting to the usual simple charcoal and barbecue solution why not go one step further and design a real outdoor kitchen. Although this may be considered to be nothing but luxury by some, it is a luxury that simply seems as a too good of an opportunity to be passed on. Still, since its purpose is not completely practical but also aesthetic you want it to look almost as good as it works.

Perfect Party Spot

What do parties have in common with Christmas? Outdoor lighting is the key part of it. Make sure that your porch is simply glowing with light both metaphorically and literally and you will make it into a perfect gathering spot for you and some of your closest friends. Nothing says welcome as genuinely and honestly as a bright glimmering light at the very front of your family home.

Greening up Your Patio

There is no way to green up your porch, or your patio, than the use of stylish yet practical garden pot. Drill a hole or two on the bottom of any container that you believe will serve the purpose and you are well on your way to transform your porch into a beacon of life and nature. The shapes and sizes options of containers are various and depend only on the type of plant that you want them to contain as well as your own aesthetic taste and preference. Choose wisely!

Calming Poolside

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, there is one thing that you need to be aware of. In order for it to live up to its full potential, what’s around the pool is almost as important as the pool itself. Select the perfect shade and place a couple of waterproof seats, as well as the small garden table for your refreshments. Install a couple of hooks for extra towels and robes and you will be ready to go.

Mini Beach

If the beach truly appeals to you, but time and distance make regular visits impossible, try turning a neglected corner of your yard into your private seashore. In order to create the line where “the sea” meets “the sky” you can cover the fence with, say, a light blue shade of exterior house paint. Once it has dried, you should run some masking tape across the fence and apply darker blue color along the bottom. Next, you should pour some decomposed granite and rake it into mounds, scooping planting pockets out of sides and tops, and then water loose gravel with a hose and allow it to harden overnight. With regard to plants, Mexican feather grass or Eulalia grass could be used to mimic beach grasses, while ornamental oxalis geraniums add splashes of color.

Beautiful Butterfly Buffet

What goes for people goes for butterflies too, if you create the conditions that fit them, they are sure to stay. After you have made sure that everything on your patio is arranged in order to provide a perfect view, make sure that there is something to see. What better sight than a multitude of lively and colorful butterflies just roaming around your garden. You do not need much to create this incredible butterfly garden. All that you need are some colorful, nectar-rich, flowering plants and a lot of good will.

As the ancient Romans used to say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. All that it takes is a bit of will and determination and you can, in no time, transform your porch or patio into a genuine oasis of nature, beaming with life. Although it may seem to some as too much effort, when taken into consideration the end effect, it can truly be considered as effort well spent.

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