Color Scheme for Dream Bedroom

Warm color and neutral color is good choice bedroom. Cold color or color scheme with strong contrast should be avoided in bedroom. Wall, floor, ceiling, curtain, bedding are the main consist of bedroom color. Decide main color tone and pay attention to the primary and secondary relationship, change, contrast and layering of color can help you create uniform and harmonious dream bedroom atmosphere. When you find the color scheme is inharmonious, you can use neutral color like black, white, silver in bedroom furniture, curtain, bedding to adjust. Furnishings like flower, décor and crafts are also good choice to adjust bedroom color scheme. Bedroom color should be in consistent with its function. Quiet, comfort and warm is the right atmosphere for bedroom. As bedroom is private place for people; therefore, people can decorate according to personal preference.

Purple, pink, beige, yellow are popular choice for bedroom color scheme:

Purple: it can maintain the balance of potassium in human body and soothe the nerves. But it has depressant effect to motor nerve and cardiac system. Therefore, cardiopath should avoid using purple in bedroom decoration.

Pink: suit for autism and people with depressed spirit. Angry people can calm down quickly when they watch pink. This is because pink can stable people’s mood by reducing the adrenal hormone secretion.

Yellow: people with depressive disorder and manic depression should avoid yellow for it will cause emotional instability.

Beige: beige is good to improve appetite and promote the absorption of calcium.

Here are several bedroom color scheme examples for reference:

1 pink wall paint and floral bedding

Iron bed, black nightstand and black framed decorative painting make the bedroom feel cold. Pink wall paint forms strong contrast with black. It makes the bedroom feel warmer. Floral bedding is in consistent with pink wall paint. This makes the cool and warm part in the room more harmonious.

2 Blue wall and bedding with leaves pattern

Dark green and brown bedding make the bedroom feel stable. The leaves pattern add vitality to the whole decoration. Blue wall paint increases the brightness of space. It forms obvious color contrast with brown bedding. This makes the bedroom elegant, stable but not tediousness.

3 Light purple wall paint and bedding with white and purple color

White and light purple make the bedroom clean and fresh. Under the background of light purple wall paint, white and purple bedding feel more harmonious and perfect.

4 Beige wall paint and white bedding

Beige wall paint and white bedding make the bedroom feel soft, creating quiet and warm sleeping space for people. Red, green, pink embellishments add vitality to bedroom.

5 Dark red wall paint and stripe bedding

Dark red wall paint represents the enthusiastic character of home owner. Red stripe bedding with white bottom color not only echo with red wall paint, but also animate the bedroom atmosphere.

6 Blue wall paint and bedding with blue and white color

Blue and white are the main color for this bedroom. People may associate the scene with romantic Aegean Sea. Rattan desk and chair, log furniture create perfect Mediterranean atmosphere.

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